India China doklam: China has reinforced its camp in the lowlands near LAC since the Doklam conflict.

Beijing / New Delhi
China is engaged in the construction of several military camps in the low areas along the Line of Effective Control (LAC). Since the Doklam stalemate in 2017, it has done so with the intention of ceasing preparations in the event of a military clash. Government sources have said so. It should be noted that since May of this year, the Chinese army with India has found itself face to face in a tense situation.

China prepared
Even after the onset of winter, soldiers from both countries are stationed on the icy mountains. According to government sources, around 20 Chinese camps have been seen near the LAC in low lying areas. Civilian activities were also observed around them. According to sources, “With the help of these camps, Chinese soldiers are able to better patrol within range. Not only that, because conditions are created at the border, they say you can also react quickly.

2017 Doklam controversy
The Doklam dispute, which lasted nearly two months in 2017, arose when China opposed building China in the Bhutan region. China had built in a place that was close to the area connecting India to the northeastern states. It was perhaps the first time that India strengthened its military position on the ground with China and was also hailed by the international community.

Conflict in Ladakh too
At the same time, the Indian camp in Ladakh has given an appropriate response to the Chinese aggression. Nearly 50,000 Indian troops are also deployed at the sub-zero position in eastern Ladakh. China has also deployed 60 thousand soldiers with heavy weapons, missiles. Since May, the armies have clashed here twice and negotiations are ongoing.

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