India China: India China deadlock Latest News China appoints new army commander in Tibet, Lieutenant-General Wang Kai of the elite army of the 13th Group

China has appointed a new commander in Tibet, seeing India battling the Corona virus outbreak. The new commander of the Tibet Military Zone inside the Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command is called Lt. Gen. Wang Kai. Previously, he was the commander of the elite army of the 13th Group, considered the most feared in the Chinese army. This elite force is known as the Tigers in the Mountains, who are adept at fighting in the mountainous areas. Since then, there are fears that China no longer intends to deceive India.

China secretly named
As the South China Morning Post reports, China carried out the appointment of Lt. Gen. Wang Kai clandestinely. It was revealed in the Communist Party History Education class on Monday. Meanwhile, Wang Kai has emerged as the new commander of the Tibet Military Zone, which is under the command of the Western Theater, China’s largest military zone. According to Chinese media reports, Wang Haijiang held the post before Wang Kai, who has now been appointed a government official in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Wang Kai was the commander of China’s elite commando unit
Wang Kai was appointed commander of China’s 13th Elite Group army in 2013, eight years before today. After which he continued to advance in the army. Under his leadership, this special Chinese army commando unit carried out several covert operations. The 13th Chinese Army Group, based in Chongqing, has a considerable name among combat units. According to local media, the group specializes in fighting in the jungle, valley and hilly areas even under difficult conditions.

Lieutenant General Wang Kai

Chinese army group has the most war medals
The 13th Group Force of China is considered the only group to have participated in combat operations since 1949. Since the Korean War in the 1950s, the group has had more war honors than any other Chinese group army. Its headquarters in the Taiyu Military District in central China also contains biological data of all soldiers who have worked since 1930.

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Their own fighters took part in the Ladakh conflict
The majority of the soldiers in the Tibet Command are residents of Yunnan Province, China. Commandos from the same group are said to have participated in the Doklam Tanatani of 2017 and the Ladakh conflict in 2020. Their main tasks are to ensure the stability of Tibet and to protect China’s borders with India and Vietnam. Former commanders of this corps also include General Zhang Yusia, who is currently the second commander of the Central Military Commission, the highest decision-making body of the Chinese military.

China worries about Tibet
Song Zhongping, a former instructor with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, told SCMP that Tibet remains a source of concern for China. Therefore, Hee Wang Kai was given responsibility for the region due to his many war experiences. Beijing has long needed an experienced commander to oversee the region and secure the Chinese border, on which Wang Kai fits perfectly.

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