India China Ladakh: China increased its troops at ALC with India: China raises troops along the border with India

About four months ago, China violated its proposal to deploy troops to the Line of Effective Control (LAC). According to an India Today report, the Chinese military has strengthened its position in eastern Ladakh and secretly increased its troops. China had proposed that the two countries no longer increase their troops.

China is secretly increasing its army
The statement was released by both sides in September, which was seen as a positive step. Meanwhile, they both promised not to take any such action that would further complicate the situation. According to military sources, China raped her after four months. India Today claimed that China is secretly strengthening its position in Depsang in Ladakh and deploying to new locations near Daulat Beg Oldi.

India fired two Chinese soldiers
Given China’s antics, India is also willing to take action for its strength. Right now there are 50,000 to 50,000 troops deployed on both sides of the border and it is deemed that there are no problems. India recently transported two Chinese soldiers across the border, who got lost and crossed the border. After tensions erupted in May, the Chinese military had moved to about 5 miles from the ALC and pitched tents in several locations in eastern Ladakh.

Indian soldiers shocked China
Despite India’s opposition, the Chinese military has not retreated, and the armies of both countries have deployed additional military forces along the border. At the same time, full preparations for tanks, artillery and air raids also began at the border. The Chinese military was shocked by Indian troops in August last year, when Pangong captured the southern edge of Tso. Indian soldiers also managed to dominate Gurung Hill, Magar Hill, Mukherpari, Rechin La and Rejang La.

China builds new structures equivalent to LAC

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