India China Latest News: India China should create conditions to resolve border dispute, says Wang Yi: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China and India should create favorable environment to resolve border issue

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi insisted on restoring confidence between India and China. China and India are friends and partners of each other, not a threat or a rival, the Chinese foreign minister called for an enabling environment to resolve the border dispute.
Amid the lingering tensions in Ladakh, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi once again spoke of mutual trust, deploring the peace. Wang Yi said on Sunday that China and India should stop hurting and doubting each other to resolve the border issue. He also said it was a product of history, so we should expand bilateral cooperation to resolve the border dispute and create a favorable environment.

Wang said the border dispute between China and India was not entirely responsible for the border dispute, saying the two countries are friends and partners, but should stop doubting each other. He said the border dispute is the result of history, he is not entirely responsible for the Sino-Indian relationship.

The two countries expand their bilateral cooperation
Responding to a question at his annual press conference on the current state of Indo-Chinese relations since the border standoff in eastern Ladakh in May last year, he said it was imperative that the two countries settle their differences and expand bilateral cooperation. Wang said at a press conference separate from the annual session of the National People’s Congress of the Parliament of China that it is essential that the two sides resolve the disputes appropriately and at the same time increase cooperation, so that ‘a favorable situation can be created for conflict resolution. The problems.

Nothing was said when called after Chinese soldiers
However, he said nothing about the recent troop withdrawal from the northern and southern shores of Lake Pangong in eastern Ladakh after 10 rounds of military-level talks between the two countries. Wang’s remarks on the border issue came after a 75-minute phone conversation with External Affairs Minister Jaishankar.

At the same time, Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri on Friday met with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui and called for completing the process of withdrawing troops from all parts of eastern Ladakh. Wang said in his remarks that the world hopes that China and India protect the common interests of developing countries and strengthen the multipolar system in the world.

China India is a partner, not a rival
The Chinese Foreign Minister said that on many important issues our positions are similar or close and that due to similar national realities, China and India are friends and partners of each other. , not a threat or a rival. He said the two countries should help each other instead of hurting each other to be successful. We need to increase cooperation instead of doubting each other.

Without directly referring to Ladakh’s eastern stalemate, he said what was right and wrong in the border region last year is clear…. “We are committed to resolving the border dispute through dialogue and consultation,” Wang said. At the same time, we are committed to protecting our sovereign rights as well.

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