India China News: PLA forward base in China near Pangong Tso after six months of disengagement from India and China

Strong points

China has deployed its PLA army adjacent to Lake Pangong in eastern Ladakh Six months ago India and China agreed to withdraw the army and not to patrol, China shifted its finger from its army 4 from Lake Pangong to finger 8. Posted just behind Beijing
China, which has continuously deployed missiles and deadly weapons near the Indian border in eastern Ladakh, has kept its army stationed near Lake Pangong. About six months ago, India and China agreed to withdraw the army from the Lake Pangong area and not to patrol. After that, China moved its Finger 4 Army from Lake Pangong and stationed it just behind Finger 8. In the latest satellite images, Chinese soldiers were found to be present right next to the disputed point.

According to the report by open intelligence source Detresfa, a large number of Chinese soldiers are present at the Chinese military PLA base adjacent to Pangong Lake. This PLA hideout is located a short distance from the settlement site for non-patrols. These images also show that the border dispute between China and India persists. China has built defensive trenches, fuel tanks, places for soldiers, etc. on this basis.
China under pressure from Indian atomic bomb, building another base for 110 nuclear missiles
India and China have deployed 50,000 to 50,000 troops
Meanwhile, as China is reluctant to hold meetings to resolve Ladakh’s ongoing border dispute, the PLA has stepped up the mobilization of troops at the border. This is the reason why India also had to deploy 50,000 troops under the mirror deployment policy. This deployment of troops on the Indo-Chinese border is described as the greatest military tension of the decade. Since the Galwan violence in June last year, the armies of both countries have stood at the border with full preparation.

15,000 more Chinese soldiers than last year
According to the Wall Street Journal report, China this time deployed 15,000 more troops than the number of troops deployed in the Galwan violence. According to Indian intelligence and military officials, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has gradually increased its military presence to more than 50,000 in recent months.

The two countries have built infrastructure in border areas
The two countries have developed extensive infrastructure in the border area amid tensions. This includes secluded cabins and tents that soldiers can stay in during the winter. Most of the military construction between India and China was carried out in eastern Ladakh. Here, the armies of India and China are still stationed face to face at Gogra-Hotspring, Depsang, and Doklam.

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