India-China shock update: Chinese expert warns Xi Jinping shouldn’t make India a permanent enemy

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Chinese expert warns Xi Jinping of continued hostility with India He said China should start by putting aside border complaints Xi Jiangtao said after 13 months Beijing does not take the name the end of the deadlock
Just before the end of a year of bloody violence in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh, a Chinese expert warned President Xi Jinping of continued hostility with India. In his article, Xi Jiangtao, senior reporter for the Hong Kong South China Morning Post newspaper, said that if China is really serious about not making India a permanent enemy, it should put border complaints aside. and end the stalemate in Ladakh. started.

In his newspaper article, Xi Jiangtao said that a year ago, no one expected Sino-Indian relations, which improved after 2017, to hit their lowest point. Even after a lapse of 13 months, the stalemate in eastern Ladakh does not end. During this stalemate, Indian and Chinese soldiers were killed in the Galvan Valley. He said the incident brought a decisive change in New Delhi’s understanding of Beijing.
The quake of the Chinese commander who was killed in the Galvan valley, said – we would rather die than lose an inch of earth
Very bad relations with China now at a crossroads: Jaishankar
Xi Jiangtao said that before the violence in Galwan, the two countries used to give the Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai slogan and that there was a friendship between Prime Minister Modi and Xi Jinping. At that time, China was in a cold war with America and most experts thought it would be horrible for China to isolate India. A year later, exactly what had been warned happened. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said last month that severely degraded relations with China are now at a crossroads.

Counting the reasons, Jaishankar said that if you disturb the peace and harmony you cause bloodshed and if there is constant intimidation and tension at the border, it will inevitably affect the relationship. Chinese expert Xi Jiangtao said that currently, mistrust of China is at its peak in India. Indian experts warn of the danger of China and its proximity to Pakistan. Most people support banning Chinese apps in India.

Chinese expert advice to President Xi Jinping
Xi Jiangtao said that not only that, India has also ended its reluctance to form an alliance with America. India has now become an important pillar of the US strategy to surround China. India is now a member of the Quad which was created to balance China. He said there is no doubt that countries like Japan and India are moving closer to the United States due to the rise of China and its sweeping policies both at home and abroad. ‘outside.

He said that last week Xi Jinping gave the message to “make friends” rather than enemies, which is commendable. It will make China a trusted, respected and loved power in the world. Xi Jiangtao said that if China is serious that New Delhi does not move away from it or that India does not become its enemy forever, then it will have to put aside complaints about border issues and end the dead end.

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