India China South China Sea: Indian Navy sends South China Sea warships message to PLA amid Ladakh tension

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Indian Navy announced sending 4 deadly warships to ‘challenge’ Chinese dragon in his home Will maneuver with Beijing / Singapore
The Indian Navy announced the dispatch of 4 deadly warships to “challenge” the Chinese dragon showing greatness in eastern Ladakh at his home. These Indian Navy warships will remain in the South China Sea and Southeast Asia for approximately two months. Indian warships will conduct exercises with Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. All of these countries have a dispute with China in the South China Sea.

The warships India sends include the guided missile destroyer, the guided missile frigate, the anti-submarine ship and the missile ship. These warships are heading for the South China Sea at a time when there is a threat of Chinese attack on Taiwan. Not only that, because of China’s aggressive stance, its neighboring countries throughout the South China Sea are upset. Whether Vietnam or Indonesia.
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South China Sea Becomes Center of Global Naval Activity
For this reason, the South China Sea has become the center of naval activity in the world at this time. A British aircraft carrier only crossed this area last week. In addition, American destroyers often pass through this area. In this sea, the PLA of the Chinese Navy is also exercised at regular intervals. China claims that almost all of the South China Sea is its sovereign territory.

To support this claim, China is constantly building man-made islands in the South China Sea. Not only that, he converted these islands into forts where heavy weapons and fighter planes are stationed. On this naval deployment from India, Singapore naval affairs expert Colin Koh says it is a demonstration of India’s naval power east of the Straits of Malacca. He also said he did not expect Indian warships to show aggressive behavior or approach the disputed islands during this visit.

Indian Navy to send message to China: experts
“The presence of Indian warships in the South China Sea is enough to send a message to China, even though it is within 12 nautical miles of the disputed islands,” Koh, an expert from Singapore told CNN. India wants to send the message that it will maintain its presence in the Western Pacific Ocean even after the Ladakh dispute. Experts say this show of power from India is sure to provoke China.

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