India China Standoff: China PLA steps up campaign to recruit Tibetans to compete with Indian border special force

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With the demonstration of India’s Special Frontier Force, the Dragon came under power. China has now stepped up the recruitment of young Tibetans into its PLA army, for this the Chinese army is now conducting recruiting operations in different regions of Tibet.
The Dragon was energized with the performance of the Indian Frontier Special Force (SFF) jawans who surprised China with their offensive in the Kailash Range in eastern Ladakh. Frightened by the performance of this army made up of people of Tibetan origin, China has today stepped up the recruitment of young Tibetans into its army. For this, China is currently carrying out a special recruitment campaign in Tibet.

According to the Hindustan Times report, the PLA of the Chinese army is recruiting into the army Tibetans living in the PLA camp. It is said that China now intends to build a special unit of the Tibetan army on the model of the Indian SFF. According to sources, if China succeeds, then it will be the first unit of a particular ethnic group in the PLA.
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PLA is also running a recruitment campaign in Lhasa
According to reports, Chinese army officials from Lhasa went to Rudok in Nagri province on the third week of February to recruit Tibetans into the army. This is followed by Adhikari Janda, which borders India. Here, Tibetan boys who were already present in the PLA camp were selected as soldiers. The APL is also carrying out a recruitment campaign in Lhasa.

Officials said China was recruiting Tibetans at a time when they were stressed with India in Ladakh. Indian officials are closely monitoring ongoing developments in China. An official said, “China is carrying out these recruitments at a time when it has been reported that the main Chinese troops are facing many problems in the high altitude regions of Tibet.” These soldiers fall seriously ill in the mountains.

The purpose of recruiting is to send a message to India and Tibetans
The official also said that the purpose of these recruits was to send a message to India and the Tibetans living here. Explain that the Special Frontier Force was formed by recruiting Tibetans from India. It is believed that there are around 10,000 Tibetans. The SFF, which was formed in 1962, is not part of the Indian military but is part of the Indian intelligence agency RAW, that is, the research and analysis wing. The operation of this unit is so secret that even the military does not know what it is doing.
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The Special Border Force reports directly to the Prime Minister through the Director General of Security. Therefore, his “value stories” cannot reach ordinary people. The SFF was formed soon after the Sino-Indian War of 1962. It was a secret unit, recruiting Tibetans (now containing a mix of Tibetans and Gurkhas).

This is how the Special Frontier Force was named
Initially, this unit was known as 22. It was named because it was raised by Major General Sujan Singh Uban, an archery officer who commanded the 22nd Mountain Regiment. He therefore named the new Gupta unit after his regiment. After that, the troops were designated as a special border force and they now report to the Cabinet Secretariat.

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