India China Standoff Latest News: India China Standoff Latest News: Indo-Chinese troops begin to withdraw from Pangong! Chinese media widely claim global times – Indian army and Chinese army pla have started to disengage from southern and northern shores of Pangong Tso Lake, according to Global Times

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Chinese government media claim – the two countries are withdrawing their country from the outskirts of Pangong, citing the Chinese Defense Ministry, said – in the 9th round of talks, the Indian military made no statement on consent from China, to the border. The soldiers are still deployed
The situation between India and China in Ladakh has been tense since May of last year. The two countries have also held several rounds of talks at the military and diplomatic level to resolve the dispute. Meanwhile, Global Media, a state-owned propaganda outlet from China, claimed the two countries were withdrawing their forces from the northern and southern shores of Pangong Lake. However, there has been no response from the Indian military to this claim from China.

Chinese media quoted the Defense Ministry statement
The Global Times wrote, quoting the Chinese Defense Ministry, that in line with the consensus reached in the ninth round of commanders’ level talks between India and China, Chinese and Indian border troops have started to pull together. disengage from the north and south sides of Pangong Lake starting Wednesday. given.

What was the military’s statement after the ninth round of talks
The 9th round of talks between India and China was held in Moldo on the Chinese side on January 24 regarding the border standoff. Meanwhile, the two countries agreed to speed up the process of rapid withdrawal of troops from border areas and to control and stabilize the situation in the eastern region of Ladakh. The Indian military called the conversation positive and said this cycle was positive, practical and constructive, which further enhanced mutual trust and understanding.

China reacted in retaliation to Pangong, said – Indian army crossed the LAC
What did the Ministry of Defense say
In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, it was said that both sides agreed that this 9th round dialogue was positive, it will increase mutual trust and understanding. Both sides agree that the rapid disengagement of troops deployed on the front line should be attempted. It is only on the agreement reached between the politicians of the two countries that the two parties agree that the negotiations should continue. The 10th round corps commander meeting will be held as soon as possible to reduce tensions.

Army to patrol China with ‘deadly’ speedboats in Pangong, preparing to give lessons on the water
The soldiers are stuck in freezing cold
At present, around 50,000 Indian Army troops are deployed in combat readiness conditions to various mountainous locations in eastern Ladakh in sub-zero temperatures. China has deployed an equal number of troops. Last month, another round of diplomatic dialogue was held between India and China under the Mechanism of Action (WMCC) for consultation and coordination on Indochina border issues.

Pangong Lake is strategically important
Pagong Lake and its surroundings are considered very important from a strategic point of view. India has stepped up surveillance around the lake since the standoff began in early May. The stalemate began on May 5 after a violent clash between the two forces in the Lake Pangong area. A similar incident occurred in northern Sikkim on May 9 after the Pangong Lake incident.

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