India China Standoff Latest News Today: So the dragon retreated from Pangong with this fear? India removes sore nerve from China – Why China agrees to disengage from Pangong Lake TSO in Ladakh, India, plays mind games with Beijing

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Chinese government media claim India is removing the sore nerve from its army, pulling the two countries from the shores of Pangong, the dragon under pressure has taken a big decision, the Indian army has made no statement on the claim from China, still stationed on the border, is young
There is now some easing of tensions between India and China in Ladakh since May of last year. The Chinese Defense Ministry claimed that India and China had withdrawn their respective forces from the northern and southern shores of Lake Pangong Tso, based on the consensus reached at the 9th round of military-level meetings. However, no official statement has yet come from the Indian military. India, cautious of China’s old ways, is also in no mood to relax the Line of Real Control (LAC).

China fears India’s withdrawal from one-China policy
The South China Morning Post wrote in its report that there is no indication that the two countries will resume the Mind Game by occupying an abandoned and isolated area. In fact, it’s a mind game between India and China. In which China fears that India will withdraw its acceptance of the one-China policy. China cites Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet as an integral part of this policy. It is also the basis of China’s diplomatic relations with countries around the world.

India was the first to support this policy from China
India has openly supported this Chinese policy. India was one of the first countries to recognize this policy. At present, Taiwan is directly trying to establish trade and diplomatic relations with India. The Modi government has also shown a soft stance on relations with Taiwan. Since then, there was growing concern in the Chinese diplomatic camp. These days, China faces global criticism of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet.

India removes sore nerve from China
It is also written in this report that India is now trying to quell China’s sore nerve. Recently, the Ladakh unit of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) was handed over to Lahiri Dorji Lahto, an officer of Tibetan origin. Apart from that, India is considering a proposal to teach its military personnel about Tibetan language, culture and history to benefit from it on the ground.

Clash in Ladakh: on the order of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese soldiers try to capture Lake Pangong?
China also under pressure from Biden administration support for India
Interestingly, after Trump left the United States, the Biden administration also openly supported India in the Ladakh conflict. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Tuesday that the United States was closely monitoring the situation along the Indo-China border. The United States has also said America will always stand up for its friends amid a pattern of neighbor pecking.

China reacted in retaliation to Pangong, said – Indian army crossed the LAC
Ladakh Scouts and Special Border Force are also big reasons
Ladakh scouts and Indian army border special forces are also a major reason for Chinese pressure. India trained the Ladakh scouts after the 1962 defeat at the hands of China. The local young people who are recruited there are familiar with the geographical situation, the language, the culture of the region and the weather. Similarly, India formed a special paramilitary force, the Special Frontier Force (SFF), made up of men from Tibetan refugee communities. The force works in counterterrorism and intelligence missions.

India China deadlock Latest news: Indo-Chinese troops begin to withdraw from Pangong! Chinese Media Global Times has a big claim
China Targeted VK Singh Statement
China also searched the statement of former Indian Army chief and Union Minister VK Singh. VK Singh claimed that the Indian military crosses the LAC more often than China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, while retaliating, called the confession untold. On the contrary, China has alleged that India is trying to create controversy by continually trying to encroach on Chinese territory.

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