India Corona Latest News: The Gobal Times questions India’s Corona Covaxin, furious with Chinese vaccine – Chinese Corona vaccine leaves clean, Global Times Mirchi

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China has questioned the safety of India’s Corona vaccine through its official horn. The Chinese newspaper was also put off by the fact that the Global Times, a Chinese vaccine sheet in the Indian market, said it had provoked anti-Chinese sentiments among Indian leaders. Beijing
China is now questioning the safety of India’s Corona virus vaccine through its official horn, which faces global confidence in the Corona vaccine. Not only that, the Chinese newspaper Global Times was also chilled by the fact that the Chinese Corona vaccine sheet was taken off the Indian market with a population of around 135 crore. The Global Times said Indian leaders were less likely to incite anti-Chinese sentiments and buy China’s Corona vaccine along with a native covalent vaccine.

China’s official newspaper Global Times said India had approved its emergency use of the corona virus vaccine a month after entering Phase III clinical trials. This has raised concerns about the safety and effect of the vaccine. According to the Global Times, Chinese analysts said the approval of the Chinese vaccine and the Indian leadership’s alleged feelings against China had reduced their chances of purchasing the Chinese vaccine.

Questions raised about the potential for medical research and development
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Tian Guangqiang said he had little faith in the Indian vaccine. He questioned India’s independent medical research and development capacity. He said that even though the vaccine is effective and efficient, India will face many practical difficulties in applying it due to the poor medical facilities. Especially in remote areas and slums, there will be more problem.

The Chinese expert claimed the vaccine was approved so people have increased confidence in the government amid the Corona crisis. He said that due to India’s approval of two vaccines and anti-Chinese sentiments, India may shut down its market for China’s corona vaccine. Tian said India would not suffer from purchasing the Chinese vaccine because its ability to manufacture the vaccine would not be complete.

Pakistanis don’t trust China’s corona vaccine
Let us know that China has lost faith in the Corona virus which is spreading from Wuhan to the whole world and needs to chew on gram Nako to find buyers for its Kovid-19 vaccine. Alam is that his iron brother Pakistan is testing the Chinese Corona vaccine in his country, but the Pakistani people are not convinced about this vaccine. This too when China invested $ 70 billion in poor Pakistan.

In many developing countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia and Brazil, China’s Corona vaccine has been investigated and their views known to authorities. He reveals that China has failed to insure the millions of people who previously trusted them with their Corona vaccine. Farman Ali, a motorcycle driver from the city of Karachi in Pakistan, said: “I will not get a Chinese vaccine. I don’t trust this vaccine.

China’s corona vaccine faces crisis of confidence
This mistrust and the dependence of dozens of poor countries on China could create a major political crisis in the world. This too when the citizens of this country realize that the corona virus vaccine given by China is inferior. China’s corona virus vaccine can give China a great diplomatic advantage to help poor countries, which are not receiving the developed corona vaccine from Western countries.

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