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Despite the manufacture of the highest corona vaccine in the world, the pace of vaccination in India is quite slow. America will cover its entire adult population by May of this year.
Countries around the world are facing a rapid vaccination program due to the Corona virus outbreak. Depending on the availability of the vaccine, the speed of vaccination in developed countries is very fast and much slower in developing countries. In India, the leading vaccine manufacturer, the pace of vaccination is also slow. Despite being the second largest population in the world, the pace of vaccination in India is not as high as it should be. If the vaccination is carried out in India at the current speed, it may take more than a year.

What about vaccination in America, UK and India?
So far, the Corona vaccine has been given to 10,45,28,565 people in India, or seven and a half percent of the country’s total population. So far, 39,587,893 people have been vaccinated in Britain, the first to begin vaccination globally, accounting for 29.6% of the country’s total population. America is not far behind Great Britain, even there 187,047,131 people received doses of the vaccine, or 29.1% of the total population.

India can take more than a year
Although it is the largest manufacturer of Corona vaccine in the world, the pace of vaccination in India is quite slow. On average, 30.93,861 people are vaccinated every day in the country. If the vaccination rate remains the same in the country, it may take more than 415 days for the remaining population to apply the vaccine. However, the central government’s ban on vaccine exports and the celebration of the vaccine festival are expected to speed up the pace of vaccination.

By the end of May this year, the entire American population will be vaccinated
The United States plans to vaccinate its entire adult population by the end of May. Despite being a small country in terms of population of India, America vaccinates 31,400,000 people every day. According to data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 187,047,131 doses of the corona virus vaccine have been given to people.

Britain will have everyone’s vaccine installed by July
The UK is also making steady progress in terms of vaccination. According to official figures from the UK government, by July 2021 there is a plan to vaccinate the entire adult population of the country. In Great Britain, at least one dose of corona vaccine has been given to 56 in 100 adults. The vaccination rate is the fastest in the south-west of England. In England the first dose of the vaccine was given to 61% of the population, while in Wales the figure is 60%.

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