India Diplomacy of the Covid-19 vaccine: The Prime Minister of this country, having received the Corona vaccine, was not thought of … – Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit praises Narendra Modi for sending the Covid 19 vaccine

Strong points:

The Prime Minister of Dominica congratulated Prime Minister Modi after receiving the Corona vaccine early from India. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt said – my request would be answered so quickly, India was not expected to send Corona vaccine to Dominica two days before.
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt of Dominica, Caribbean country, congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sending the Kovid-19 vaccines. He said that I never imagined that his request to India would receive such a quick response. India already sent a batch of Corona vaccine to this small Caribbean country a few days ago.

PM from Domenica said – Didn’t expect to get the vaccine soon
He said that being the leader of a small island nation of 72,000 people, he had little hope that his request would be dealt with so quickly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Arriving for the vaccine from India, he said in a program: “I have to admit that I had not imagined that my country’s request would be processed so quickly.”

Credit granted to PM Modi
Roosevelt Skerritt said no one would have thought that at the time of such a global pandemic, given the size of the country would be seen as a priority. But the credit for having considered the relevance of our request and for recognizing the equality of our people goes to Prime Minister Modi. Significantly, last month Skerrit asked Modi to send the vaccine so that the vaccination campaign could be launched in his country as well.

It could be a game-changer in diplomacy
Indian ‘vaccine friendship’ diplomacy is proving to be a big game changer in regional diplomacy. This is an opportunity for India to redefine its relations with its neighbors. On the one hand, it succeeds in restoring the relevance of the “Neighborhood First” policy. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision will be the achievement of security and development (Sagar) for all in the region.

Indian vaccine diplomacy overwhelmed Pakistan, offer

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