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If you are desperate to travel from India to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), beware. Some fraudsters posing as UAE embassy officials trick people with fake travel authorizations. An official at the United Arab Emirates embassy in New Delhi has also warned travelers to beware of such people. These thugs were using a fake UAE Embassy website to deliver travel approval letters to UAE residents.

The fake website went offline upon publication of the report
According to a Khaleej Times investigative report, the bogus portal was only taken offline after warnings from UAE embassy officials. It was said in the report that this portal was online until July 26. The website targeted people who wanted to return to work or reconnect with their families. The official URL for the UAE Embassy in New Delhi is While the thugs were using

Etihad Airways flight canceled until August 2 for those traveling between India and the United Arab Emirates
Letters were issued in the name of a false ministry
According to the report, in the meantime, agents at the bogus site continued to respond to emails and process until this story was published on Tuesday. In the confirmation mail received by the Khaleej Times reporter, they introduced themselves as diplomats from the United Arab Emirates. The UAE Ministry of Home Affairs and Naturalization and Immigration Department is written at the top of this letter. Whereas, the reality is that there is no such ministry in UAE.

Deceiver by writing the wrong phone number
At the bottom of the letter was an alleged signature of the Director of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai. Along with this, the authority phone numbers 8005111 and 04-3139999 were displayed. Subsequent investigation revealed that these numbers were wrong, they had nothing to do with Dubai’s Al Amin.

Still waiting to go to UAE: Emirates flights from India and Pakistan closed until July 28
The wait for those going to UAE has increased
The UAE’s state-owned airline Etihad Airways has suspended flights from India until August 2. Etihad said that date could be extended further based on instructions from UAE authorities. The airline has asked passengers to stay on its website for more information.

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