India-Greece relations: India and Greece together against China Pakistan and Turkey

Indian Foreign Minister Dr S. Jaishankar met Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis during his visit to Greece. During this meeting, the two sides discussed many issues, including terrorism which is seen as a message to Turkey, China and Pakistan. Tensions have intensified in relations between Greece and Turkey, while Turkey maintains a good friendship with rival China India and its big rival Pakistan.

“Sovereignty to be observed and respected”
During the meeting, the two sides recognized respect for the law in accordance with international law and respect for sovereignty, rights and territorial integrity as the basis of international relations, to which all must adhere. Interestingly, during the exercise in Turkey embroiled in a dispute with Greece, Pakistan exercised with Rafale jets, which was considered to be of concern to India.

India’s masterstroke against Pakistan-Turkey alliance will strengthen defense ties with Greece
discuss the Mediterranean
At the same time, the two countries also discussed the emerging tensions in the eastern Mediterranean. Here, Turkey claims the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which Greece claims as its own under United Nations law. Cyprus and Libya are also involved in this dispute as their EEZs are also embroiled in controversy. In this dispute, Pakistan also supported Turkey.

Turkish and Greek media claim mercenaries were sent to Kashmir
threats posed by terrorism
The Foreign Minister, in discussions with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dandias, acknowledged the threats posed by terrorism, including radicalization, violent extremism and cross-border terrorism. He stressed that no form of this can be justified. According to the Foreign Ministry, after the talks, the Greek Foreign Minister signed the International Solar Alliance (ISA) agreement document and handed it to the Indian side.

According to the statement, the two sides expressed satisfaction with the shared vision of a free, inclusive and cooperative Indo-Pacific. According to this, both sides believe that by doing so, connectivity and development can be ensured for all in the region.

Pakistan learns to fight with the Rafale, in the eyes of China too, why is its friendship with Turkey and Qatar dangerous for India?
Indo-Turkey met
Earlier last month, the two countries agreed to improve their defense relations by meeting. For this, the two countries also agreed to further strengthen the ongoing cooperation on military training. In this context, besides India and Greece, military exercises, military university training and the management of the dangers of a hybrid war with other countries were also discussed.

“The ceasefire continues on the LoC, the responsibility lies with Pakistan”

Foreign Minister arrives in Greece

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