India: Indian Air Force desert flag exercise: Indian fighter Sukhoi-30 to thunder in United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Turkey to increase

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India has also come together to deal with the nefarious link between Turkey and Pakistan. The Indian Air Force will conduct air exercises in the United Arab Emirates. From today, India’s 6-day Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet will participate in this exercise called Desert Flag. As India’s defense relations reach new heights with exercises with Arab countries, Turkey and Pakistan are expected to grow frantically. Turkey is also participating in this exercise with a strong anti-Turkish interest in Greece.

The “Desert Flag”, which runs from March 3 to 27, will bring together 10 countries in total, including India and the United Arab Emirates, including the United States, France and Saudi Arabia. Greece, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt have obtained observer status in this exercise. In addition to the Sukhoi fighter, two C-17 cargo planes from India are also participating. This practice is sure to increase the tension of Turkey and Turkey, who want to become the Khalifa of the Muslim world.
Turkey wants to build missile with Pakistan, Chinese fighter jet, India and India will increase tension
Saudi Arabia and UAE expand relations with India
So far, Pakistan is in good grip on the army of the Arab countries. The Saudi army in Yemen is led by former Pakistani army chief Rahil Sharif. Today, Saudi Arabia and its close friend in the United Arab Emirates are developing their defense relations with India. India sent the INS Holocaust to two naval defense exhibitions held in Abu Dhabi from February 20 to 25. In December last year, the army chief, General Manoj Mukund Narwane, visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Not only that, when Rafale fighter jets arrived in India from France, they received in-flight refueling support from UAE Air Force refuellers. The Indian Air Force had also recently led a maneuver with France in Jodhpur with its Rafale jets. The exercise was codenamed “Desert Night 2021”. This exercise will also touch the dreams of Turkey, which is trying to suppress Greece by force. Greece recently signed an agreement with France to buy 18 Rafale fighter jets to deal with the Turkish army.

France and Greece in dispute over border with Turkey
France has joined Greece in a dispute with Turkey over the border of the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. Military tensions between the two countries escalated last year when Turkey sent its mission to the disputed region. Although Greece and Turkey have tried to settle the dispute peacefully, Athens has said it will continue with its billion-euro program to modernize its military. From May this year, the period of compulsory service in the Greek army will be reduced from 9 months to 12 months. Greece wants to increase its defense capacity with the help of new jets, open doors and weapons.

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