India Myanmar United Nations: India calls for release of Myanmar leaders at UN: India calls for release of leaders detained in Myanmar at UN

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India said at the United Nations General Assembly meeting that restoring the democratic system in Myanmar should be the priority of all stakeholders and that the detained leaders should be released. Together, he called on the leaders of the Southeast Asian country to work together to resolve their differences in a “peaceful and constructive manner.”

The Permanent Representative of India to United Nations Ambassador TS Tirumurthy made the above remarks on Friday during an informal General Assembly meeting on the situation in Myanmar. The army was toppled earlier this month in Myanmar.

He said: “India shares land and sea borders with Myanmar and has a vested interest in maintaining peace and stability. Therefore, India is closely monitoring recent developments in Myanmar. We fear that the progress made in Myanmar over the past decades towards democracy may be jeopardized.

Thirumurthy said India believes the rule of law and the democratic process should be respected, detainees should be released and peace should be maintained. “We call on the leaders of Myanmar to work together to resolve their differences in a peaceful and constructive manner,” he said.

On February 1, the military sacked Myanmar’s democratically elected government and seized power. With this, State Councilor Aung Sang Suu Kyi, President Yu Vin Mint, and other senior political leaders were arrested. Thirumurthy said: “Restoring the democratic system should be the priority of all stakeholders in Myanmar”.

He said the international community should provide constructive support to the people of Myanmar at this critical juncture. Meanwhile, Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, ignoring the country’s military on Friday, urged the United Nations General Assembly to seek immediate international action to help end the military coup. KM Tun remained loyal to the ousted civilian government. He said he represented the civilian government led by the NLD.

Tun condemned the coup and called on all member nations and the United Nations to condemn the military coup and not to recognize the military regime by any means. He saluted the protesters in Myanmar against the military regime with three fingers and said: “We will continue the struggle for a government that is for the people, by the people and for the people.”

Christine S. Bergner, Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Myanmar, urged the General Assembly to collectively send a clear signal for democracy in Myanmar. He said: “At the moment, democratic processes have been sidelined and elected leaders, including the State Councilor and the President of the Federal Republic, are in detention.”

In his speech on the issue of IDPs in Rakhine State in Myanmar, Tirumurthy said that India has the greatest interest in resolving the issue of returning IDPs to India, as it is the only country that includes both Bangladesh and Myanmar. It’s a long border.

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