India News from the Chinese border: Tension in Ladakh, China sends fighter jets and troops to Pakistan along Gujarat border – China sends fighter jets and troops to Pakistan along the border of Gujarat Gujarat amid the tension of Ladakh

China has deployed large numbers of military and fighter jets to the Pakistani air base bordering Gujarat amid continuing tensions with India in eastern Ladakh. These Chinese soldiers have arrived in Pakistan to participate in bilateral exercises. The Chinese military announced on Monday that the objective of the bilateral exercise was to improve the “real combat training” of the two armies.

The Chinese Army PLA issued a statement saying the Chinese Air Force and Pakistan Air Force arrived on December 7 to conduct exercises at Bholari Air Base in the district. of Thatta, in the province of Sindh. These soldiers will participate in Shaheen 9, a joint China-Pakistan Army exercise. This exercise between China and Pakistan comes at a time when tensions between India and China over the LAC in Ladakh are at their peak.

China, in its statement, did not specify the number of troops deployed, but said it would last until the end of December. He said the exercise will promote military relations between China and Pakistan, strengthen practical cooperation between the two armies and improve the level of real combat training between the two armies. Shaheen’s last combat training was attended by 50 fighter jets in September 2019, which is the highest.

Previously, the Chinese Air Force Y20 transport plane had been spotted near Bholari Air Base in Pakistan. He was accompanied by another Chinese Air Force fighter plane. The Chinese military has deployed its fighter jets from Lakh to Arunachal Pradesh along the LAC. Previously, the Chinese army and air force had carried out many exercises in their country near the border with India. Chinese media claimed that the exercise was intended to demonstrate its ability to protect its borders in the western region.

Bholari Air Base is very strategically important
Pakistan’s Bholari Air Base was established in 2017. The Pakistan Air Force Chief has included Project Bholari in strategically important projects. He said: “Actually, Bholari Air Base is very important for the Pakistan Air Force to increase its capability for land and sea operations. Previously, Shaheen’s last maneuver had also taken place in India’s neighboring Xinjiang province. In this, the two countries had carried out pseudo-maneuvers.

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