india over israel and palestine: israel and palestine should avoid unilateral action: india says israel and palestine should resist unilateral action

The United Nations
India said the two nations could resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issue on their own and the two sides should resolve the issue through direct dialogue. Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, Ambassador KK Nagaraj Naidu said unilateral action undermining these issues should be avoided. Earlier this month, the League of Arab Nations reiterated its support for the creation of an independent and sovereign Palestinian nation based on the 1967 border, which facilitated the creation of East Jerusalem.

Regarding the “ situation in West Asia, including the question of Palestine, ” Naidu told a meeting of the UN Security Council that New Delhi reiterates its support for Palestine and the establishment of ‘a sovereign and independent Palestinian nation, leader in peace and security. I stayed with Israel. He said, “We firmly believe that only the ‘two-nation solution’ will lead to the lasting peace that the peoples of Israel and Palestine want and deserve. This goal should be achieved through direct dialogue between the two parties on final status issues. Any unilateral action which harms these latter problems should be avoided.

Naidu called recent diplomatic efforts to revive stalled peace talks encouraging and said that the meetings of the special ambassador of the “Quartet” (the four great powers engaged in peacekeeping in West Asia) are being held. are kept on time. India called on the “Quartet” to start talks with Israel and the Palestinian leadership.

Naidu said, “India welcomes all efforts to strengthen the collective commitment of the international community to resume direct dialogue and advance the peace process.” The coordinator of the tour of the Special Coordinator for Peace in West Asia and the personal representative of the Secretary-General, Tour Vannesland, told the Council meeting that the goal of the global community is to help the parties return to the negotiating table.

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