india pakistan peace water: the royal family of the uae prepares a secret path of peace between india and pakistan! – United Arab Emirates royalty negotiated a secret roadmap for peace between India and Pakistan

Abu Dhabi
Over the years, relations between India and Pakistan began to meld. The leaders of the countries of India and Pakistan are now talking about peace. Not only that, after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan got infected with the crown, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wished he was in good health soon. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg news agency claimed that this friendship between India and Pakistan is preparing the UAE royal family.

In its report, the agency said the world was in the limelight with the declaration of effective implementation of the ceasefire between India and the Pakistani military. Barely 24 hours later, the UAE’s foreign minister arrived in New Delhi for a day’s visit. In a statement released by the United Arab Emirates, there was an allusion to the Pakistan talks. He said Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed discussed and exchanged views with Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on all regional and international issues of mutual concern.

‘The ceasefire bus is just the start’
UAE officials, on condition of anonymity, said the India-Pakistan ceasefire deal was a milestone in the covertly ongoing negotiations. The talks are being held by the UAE arbitration. An official said the ceasefire bus was just a start in the direction of peace between the two neighboring countries. These two neighboring countries are armed with nuclear weapons and often face territorial conflicts.

The official said the next step in this peace process would be for the two countries to dismiss their ambassadors. Pakistan recalled its ambassador in 2019 to protest against the abolition of the special status of Kashmir. After that, Kashmir will be discussed between the two countries. However, officials have little hope of success other than the return of the ambassadors and the resumption of trade negotiations.

The UAE’s historical relationship with India and Pakistan
Neither Pakistan nor the Indian Foreign Ministry commented on the UAE’s role. The United Arab Emirates have historic trade and diplomatic relations with India and Pakistan. These days, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is playing an aggressive role in international affairs. He is committed to building global political and trade relations in Asia.

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