India Pakistan Tension UAE: UAE has played a role in reducing tensions between India and Pakistan: a diplomat – UAE has played a role in reducing tensions between India and Pakistan

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba, said his country has helped reduce tensions between India and Pakistan and bring their bilateral relations back to “ levels of healthy work ”. In a digital chat with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, al-Otaiba said on Wednesday: “They might not be very good friends, but we at least want to bring it to a level where they talk to each other. ” So be it. ‘

India and Pakistan said in a surprise announcement on February 25 that they had agreed to strictly abide by all ceasefire agreements along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir and others. regions. Al-Otaiba himself raised the issue by answering a question and acknowledged his country’s role in “reducing tensions” between the two neighbors.

In New Delhi, when asked about media reports that India and Pakistan had been negotiating behind the scenes for more than a year, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi gave no direct response. Bagchi said on April 9: “If you are talking about the channels of communication on this issue, I must remember that our respective High Commissions are present and working. It is therefore a very effective means of communication.

On the same day, the spokesman for Pakistan’s foreign ministry flatly denied his involvement in behind-the-scenes talks with India.

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