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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been seen on several occasions in recent times placing a condition on talks with India. India’s position was clear that Pakistan should crack down on terrorism first, but Imran continued to raise the issue of talks on condition of reimposing Article 370 on Kashmir at every forum. Even today, Imran spat venom at India, raising questions about the possibility of talks.

Trying to trap India?
Imran and his national security adviser Moeed Yusuf alleged that the Indian intelligence agency R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) was involved in the explosion near Hafiz Saeed’s home in the town of Jauhar in Lahore. Imran also gave a voice to the global community for action against India. A few days ago, a drone was seen flying over the Indian embassy in Islamabad, which reportedly came to reconnoitre.

Pakistan: another drama by Imran Khan, “Indian RAW agent, mastermind of the attack on Hafiz Saeed’s house”
the same everywhere
Obviously, in such circumstances, any kind of conversation becomes difficult. Previously, Pakistan had claimed not to engage in covert talks with India, but Islamabad has publicly stated that New Delhi should become a “conducive environment” for “meaningful talks.” Imran Khan struck a similar chord after meeting with the President of Tajikistan and then in an interview with Reuters.

Imran Khan News: India is not asking for talks, so why is Imran Khan putting a condition on Kashmir?
Pakistan is surrounded on all sides
When the two countries agreed to a ceasefire along the Line of Control in February, there was still hope that perhaps further talks could pave the way. However, according to the Hindustan Times report, Pakistan has started to focus its attention on the Taliban antics in Afghanistan and its other domestic issues like the crippling economy corona virus.

Pakistan furious when India spoke to Taliban, Imran’s national security adviser spat poison
Does the government appear weak?
The report also states that Pakistan has been criticized in the country for the fact that no concessions have been given from India, but Pakistan has accepted the ceasefire. Not only that, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar twice met with Taliban leaders in the Qatari capital, NSA Moeed called him “shameless” of India.

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