India Rafale Jet vs Pak JF 17 Jet: Exercise Pak vs Rafale Jet, why India is wary of military exercise between Pakistan and Turkey? Pakistan learns to fight with the Rafale, in the eyes of China too, why is its friendship with Turkey-Qatar dangerous for India?

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Pakistan, Qatar, Azerbaijan are carrying out maneuvers in Turkey, Rafale from Azerbaijan, MiG-19 from Azerbaijan are also involved.
The ongoing Anatolian Eagle 2021 exercise in Turkey has become of great concern to India. In this, Rafale fighter jets arrived from Qatar, the purchase of which was seen as a game changer for India. Pakistani pilots are doing exercises with these planes bought from France, which can become a big challenge for India. In a conversation with Navbharat Times Online, retired Indian Air Force Wing Commander Prafulla Bakshi explained why this maneuver is of concern to India.

“Experience for Pakistan, advantage for China”
Wing Commander Bakshi said: “Pakistan will use its J-17 in this maneuver and gain experience in the fight against the Rafale. Pakistani pilots will thus be able to measure the performance of the Rafale. On the other hand, relations between Turkey and France are not perfect either. This maneuver is not only good for Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan, China also wants to gather information about it.

Pakistani fighter planes in “war” with Rafale and MiG-29, alarm bells for India!
He says that aside from the Rafale, exercises are also underway with the MiG-29, which is an Indian Air Force air superiority fighter jet. Pakistan wants to know its performance. MiG-29 was brought to Azerbaijan. Russia can supply MiG-29s. China also has a version of the MiG-29. With the help of this, the difference with the Rafale will also be understood. Azerbaijan and other countries will also benefit from the results of the exercise with the JF-17, the MiG-29 and the Rafale being together.

Why has Rafael changed the game?
Before the Rafale arrived, experts called it a “game-changer”. Pakistan was not even able to land a fighter jet during its collision with China, which could stand up to its cinematic performance and powerful electronic warfare system. The Rafale was described as similar to the stealth American F-35 and F-22. It can perform operations such as air superiority, air defense, air support, deep strike, reiki, anti-ship strike and nuclear attack prevention at a speed of 1.8 Mach.

It has been used in Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria. India was the fourth country to buy it after France, Egypt and Qatar. It has the ability of flight operation up to 30 thousand hours. In comparison, the F-35 cannot travel long distances at much faster speeds. During this time, it can also carry many types of weapons. However, the F-35 has more avionics and electronic warfare systems.

There was panic in Pakistan
What is interesting is that there was a lot of panic in Pakistan after watching India buy Rafales. He immediately accelerated the defense deal with China. China had started doing everything possible to purchase more than 30 units of J-10 fast fighter jets. One of his collaborators had also made a deal for 50 planes while going to China. Apart from that, emergency missile purchases were also made. At the same time, France had refused technicians of Pakistani origin to work on Rafale so that information could not reach it. He even turned down Qatar for it.

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Pakistan exercises with Rafale

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