India Relations with the United States: Parliamentary committee approves China strategic competition bill – United States to strengthen defense relations with India, powerful Senate committee approves bill

Strong points:

The powerful US Senate committee has approved the anti-China bill aimed at strengthening defense relations with India.
The United States has decided to further strengthen its defense relations with India to refine its strategy against China. A powerful US Senate committee strongly endorsed and approved the Strategic Competition Bill in China, which is considered very important. The bill openly supports the strengthening of security relations with India with the support of the Quad group.

Focus on strengthening defense cooperation with India in Quad countries
The unannounced quad group against China includes the United States, India, Australia and Japan. Since its inception in 2007, representatives of four member countries have met from time to time. Top leaders from all four countries attended the historic summit hosted by President Joe Biden last month.

Powerful US Senate committee approved by 21 votes
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday approved the law on strategic competition by 21 votes, with three hours of discussion and several amendments. According to this bilateral bill, the United States reaffirms its commitment to a broad global strategic partner with India and further strengthens bilateral defense consultations and cooperation with the country.

India and America will move closer to China
He called on the US government to consult closely with India to identify areas where it could provide diplomatic and other assistance in India’s efforts to address China’s economic and security challenges in the region. It is believed that defense relations between the United States and India will be strengthened in the coming days. America will be able to sell many of its lethal weapons directly to India.

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