India: Religious Minorities Rape Us: US expresses concern over ‘violation’ of rights and violence of religious minorities in India – US expresses concern over violence and discrimination against religious minorities in India

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An official responsible for examining the issue of religious freedom at the US State Department said the United States regularly raises concerns with Indian officials about the protection of minority rights. He said the Indian government has the opportunity to address the concerns of civil society groups.

Informing reporters of the 2020 International Religious Freedom Report on Wednesday, Daniel Nadel said: “As far as India is concerned, I think there is a real opportunity for the government to address some of the real concerns, on which they listen to in conversation with civil society.We engage regularly with Indian government officials at all levels, encouraging them to meet human rights obligations and commitments, including protection of minorities, in keeping with India’s long history of democratic values ​​and tolerance.

“ The concerns of the Muslim community about the AAC ”
The report stated that during discussions with the authorities, “the Muslim community was concerned about the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act)”. Muslims have also been alleged to have spread the corona virus. Nadell, a senior official in the State Department’s Office for International Religious Freedom, said the United States is advising the Indian government to contact religious communities. At the same time, India should stay away from the laws of isolation.

The official said, “When laws are passed, when the initiative is taken, which is done without effective consultation with these communities, it creates a sense of alienation over time. And the best way is for the government to engage in direct dialogue with civil society with the religious community ”. Releasing the report, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “Our promise to the world is that the Biden-Harris administration will protect and protect religious freedom around the world. We will maintain America’s long-standing leadership on this issue ”.

53 people killed in religiously motivated attacks
He acknowledged that anti-Muslim hatred is still prevalent in many countries and is a serious problem for the United States as well. The list of incidents against the CAA in February 2020 stated that “ the protest turned violent in New Delhi after retaliation against protesters. According to reports, the religiously motivated attacks killed 53 people, most of them Muslims, and two security officers. Another incident is mentioned of the Islamic organization Tablighi Jamaat’s conference in New Delhi last year, in which the report said the government and media initially blamed them for the spread of the coronavirus.

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