India-Russia relations: China tries to dissolve the poison in Indo-Russian relations, through state media, by doing bad things – China tries to dissolve growing tensions in relations between India and Russia, attacking across the world

China is trying to poison India-Russia relations through its official media. By extending the date of the India-Russia summit, China saw a lot of poison when it saw the opportunity. In a Global Times editorial, China wrote that this was the first time since 2000 that the India-Russia summit has been postponed. He described it as a clear rupture between the relations between the two countries.

Global Times discussed Indo-Russian relations
The Global Times further wrote that some analysts believe that Russia and India are not only partners, but their relationship well ahead of the alliance. The two countries are not neighbors and there have been no major conflicts of interest in the past. Recently, strategic relations between Moscow and New Delhi have also remained stable. The India-Russia relationship is part of a special and privileged strategic partnership. They also continue to exchange defense and intelligence. The leadership changes in the two countries also never affected their close ties. The annual Russia-India summit for the past 20 years bears witness to this harmony.

China’s Shigufa on summit cancellation
Chinese state media wrote that Russia and India said this year’s meeting was canceled due to the corona virus outbreak, but they cannot hide the ongoing disputes between the two countries over several key questions. The two sides have different concerns and also have different views on the other’s diplomatic policies. Moscow believes that New Delhi is getting closer to Washington.

Great Russian statement on relations with India: our relations are weakening because of America
Russian foreign minister’s statement revealed the evidence
The fence also dealt a heavy blow to the traditional arms trade between Russia and India. Russia accounts for more than half of India’s arms imports. However, recently the United States has increased the pressure to buy India from Russia. Chinese media also reported that on December 8, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, while addressing a Moscow-based think tank, accused the US-led West of hijacking the India from Russia.

Corona effect: India and Russia will not have an annual summit this time
Putin also accused of not having mentioned India
In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin did the same at the 17th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. Putin mentioned China, Germany, Brazil and South Africa, but said nothing about India. Russia has strengthened its relations with China. The two countries also decided to transform their bilateral relations into broader strategic partnerships.

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