India Saudi Arabia military exercise: Saudi armies to undertake joint bilateral exercises: India and Saudi Arabia to conduct maneuvers for the first time

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India and Saudi Arabia will do bilateral military exercises for the first time, Indian army team will visit Saudi Arabia soon, after Indian army chief’s visit, Saudi Arabia has changed its foreign politic
Saudi Arabia and India will soon have bilateral military exercises. This will be the first maneuver between these two countries to date. Before today, Saudi Arabia relied on Pakistan and the United States to teach its military the specifics of war. But, a big change is observed in the foreign policy of the Modi government and the recent foreign policy of Saudi Arabia after the visit of the chief general of the Indian army MM Narwane to Riyadh.

This exercise will be held in Arabia
According to the WION report, this maneuver will be carried out in Saudi Arabia. For that, a team of the Indian army can go to Saudi Arabia in a few months. This exercise will not only increase the strength of the Saudi army, but will also change the strategic situation in the Gulf countries.

Photo modified from the visit of the Chief of the Indian Army
In the last month of last year, Indian Army Chief General MM Narwane arrived for a historic visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. It was the first visit by an Indian army chief to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. During this time, he not only met with the army chiefs of the two countries, but also had meetings with many high-level leaders here. This is why Saudi Arabia has decided to lead maneuvers with India.

How is this violent shock for Pakistan
Saudi Arabia’s growing military ties with India are a blow to Pakistan. So far, Pakistan has only been able to get Saudi Arabia’s bailout out of the greed of its military. However, last year Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations are going through their worst phase due to Prince Salman’s criticism of Kashmir. Pakistani army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa, who arrived to convince Arabia, also had to return empty-handed without meeting the prince.

Imran Khan surrounded by home, Pakistan flees Indian army chief’s tour between UAE and Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s military relationship with Pakistan will end
Pakistan has so far provided training and weapons to the Saudi army. Not only that, Saudi Arabia also supports Pakistan in protecting Mecca and Medina, which are among the holiest sites of Islam. From now on, the entry of India will make the path to Pakistan more difficult. The Saudis know that developing relations with India is more profitable than Pakistan. Therefore, now Pakistan is going to be mesmerized again.

Pakistani plans will be destroyed in the Gulf of Aden
Pakistan, with the help of its evergreen friend China, is trying to encircle India in the Gulf of Aden. Half of the world’s oil and gas supply passes through this region. Not only that, business ships going from Asia to America cross the Gulf of Aden via the Suez Canal into the Atlantic Ocean. Now, if India gets stronger with the help of Saudi Arabia in this region, then Pakistan is bound to fly.

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