India Sri Lanka travel guidelines updates: Sri Lanka lifts travel restrictions Except India: Sri Lanka lifts travel ban for citizens of all countries except Indians

Sri Lanka on Wednesday announced the lifting of a temporary travel ban imposed on foreigners from June 1. However, this exemption will not be available to passengers who have stayed in India within the last 14 days. A maximum limit of 75 passengers has been set on all flights arriving in the country and they will be required to remain in quarantine for 14 days.

Indian entry ban will continue
Sri Lanka’s Civil Aviation Bureau said in a statement that all passengers with a history of travel to India who have been in transit there in the past 14 days will not be allowed entry. Foreign nationals, seafarers / travelers, traders, investors and others must obtain an entry visa as well as an authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enter the country.

RT-PCR test required
Depending on the requirement of the airline or country, it will be mandatory for all classes of passengers to pass a negative PCR test certificate before departing for the trip. All passengers will have to pay for separate accommodation. Colombo Airport has served as a transit hub for Indians traveling to the Middle East, but was withdrawn in early May as the COVID-19 pandemic intensified.

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