India Status of flights with UAE: countries banned from travel to India UAE extends ban on flights from India: UAE has extended blackout period for travelers from from India

Travelers preparing to travel from India to the United Arab Emirates will have to wait longer. The UAE government has extended the duration of the travel ban indefinitely due to the growing increase in corona virus cases in India. In Abu Dhabi, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website that the decision had been taken to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Date not to end the ban
The UAE’s foreign ministry did not give a deadline for the ban, which began on April 22. However, there are no restrictions on passengers coming from the UAE to India. In such situation, Indian or UAE citizens can come to India on flights from there.

Many countries have imposed travel restrictions on India
Due to the second wave of the corona virus in India, many countries have imposed travel restrictions. This includes the United States, France, Israel, Australia, Hong Kong, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, among many other countries. These countries have temporarily banned travelers from India. They are afraid that if a new strain of the corona virus arrives in their country, there may be a huge disaster.

Today, passengers traveling from India to Australia are sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 50 lakhs, verdict has created a ruckus
The toughest restrictions in Australia
Australia has placed the strictest restrictions on travelers from India to prevent the spread of the corona virus. From May 3 to 14, no passenger can leave India from Australia. Travelers who violate this ban or secretly reach Australia via another country may face a fine of up to 5 years or a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh. There was a lot of uproar in Australia after the government’s decision.

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