India Taliban news: India must first prove its neutrality in the Afghan conflict if it is to speak to the Taliban, says Suhail Shaheen

After the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the attitude of the Taliban, which has seized most of the country, looks very aggressive towards India. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said India was providing arms to the Afghan army. Not only that, the Taliban also called on India to prove its impartiality before entering into talks.

“India must show fairness”
In a conversation with Foreign Policy magazine, Suhail Shaheen said that if India is to speak with the Taliban, it will first have to prove its impartiality. Suhail recently returned to the Taliban’s political headquarters in Qatar’s capital Doha, after ending peace talks in Russia. Meanwhile, the Taliban have clarified Russia’s concerns. The Taliban promised Russia that it would maintain peace along the borders of the former Soviet countries of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

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“India takes the side of the government formed by foreigners”
A Taliban spokesman said India was in favor of the Afghan government put in place by foreigners. They are not with us. If they stick to their policy of supporting the government imposed on Afghans, perhaps they should be concerned. It is bad policy that will not protect them. India has been vigilant in supporting any military organization or militia in Afghanistan from the very beginning. India has also learned a great deal from defense assistance to the Northern Alliance.

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Accused of giving arms to the Afghan government
Shaheen alleged that India was giving arms to the Afghan government, which upset the group.

We have received reports from our commanders that India is providing arms to the other side. How is it possible that they want to talk to the Taliban but are practically providing weapons, drones, everything to Kabul? It’s contradictory.

Suhail shaheen

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Taliban agree to ties with Russia, China, Iran
He said that we have had political relations with Russia, Iran and China for many years, not one or two. We have met with them on several occasions and assured them that we will not allow Afghan territory to be used against these countries. China has been negotiating secretly with the Taliban for many years with the help of Pakistan. While the Taliban’s relationship with Russia is very old.

head of the political wing of the Taliban

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