India: third wave of covid-19: India ignored scientists’ advice on nature journal’s report of second wave of covid-19

The deadly new strain of corona virus is wreaking havoc in India and Brazil. Last week, as the number of people who died from the crown in India rose to over 2 lakhs, in Brazil the figure rose to over 4 lakhs. The now famous medical journal Nature alleged in its editorial that these two countries had ignored the advice of scientists and are now suffering the consequences. In this article, the Coron crisis has been described as the result of political failures in both countries.

The leaders of India and Brazil did not accept the advice of scientists!
Nature wrote that rulers in India and Brazil either failed or acted quickly on the advice of researchers. It directly damaged the lives of millions of people. The magazine also targeted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Wrote that Bolsonaro described the corona virus as a small persistent fever. He also refused to accept advice from scientists such as wearing masks and social distancing.

‘Indian leaders did not work as planned’
This magazine also made strong remarks on India and said India’s rulers had not acted decisively in the right way. For example, they allowed people to come together despite being infected with the Corona virus. In some cases, the leaders even encouraged it. It is obvious that the magazine attributed the electoral meetings in India to the crown.

Trump’s rallies and Corona’s example in America
Citing examples, Nature said former US President Donald Trump was also lax in dealing with threats from Kovid. They also gathered a large crowd of people by organizing election meetings. The social distancing of these gatherings has been violently destroyed. The whole world has seen the result. For several months, the United States has been plagued by the corona virus. The disease has recorded more than 570,000 deaths in the United States, which is still the highest in the world.

Indian rulers are becoming complacent due to reduction of cases?
The Science Journal, citing an article in its World View, said the number of daily corona cases in India reached 96,000 as of September last year. In early March of this year, when that number dropped to 12,000 a day, India’s rulers became complacent. Businesses reopened during this period. A large number of rallies took place, including protests against the controversial new farm laws. Election rallies were held in March and April and religious events continued.

Scientists do not have access to data in India?
The magazine wrote that India also had many problems. It is also not easy for scientists to access data for research on the corona virus. As a result, they are unable to provide factual advice to government and make accurate predictions. Despite the absence of such data, scientists warned the government in September last year against easing the corona restrictions. He also said the second corona wave at the end of the month could lead to more than one lakh case per day. However, the reality is four times more than that.

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