India to Buy Israel Smash 2000 Remote Control Killer Pistol; Sino-Pak drone will be built – Indian Navy will purchase Smash 2000 plus remote control gun to destroy the drone

In view of the growing threats from China and Pakistan, India is going to buy a deadly remote-controlled pistol from its friend Israel. This killer pistol, named Smash 2000, will initially be purchased in limited numbers. This anti-drone weapon is equipped with modern technologies such as computerized fire control and electro-optical site system. It can be easily installed on any rifle. Several media reports have also claimed that with the help of this weapon, Israel recently killed Iranian nuclear scientist Dr Mohsin Fakhrizadeh. However, neither of these two countries has officially confirmed this.

Announcement by Navy Chief Karambir Singh

On December 4, Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh announced on Navy Day that the Navy was procuring such a Smash-2000 system to deal with drone strikes. It is believed that delivery of this Smash-2000 fire control system will begin to the Navy from next year. This weapon is capable of shooting down a drone flying at a height of about 120 meters.

The gun can be fired from a distance with this technology

Israeli company Smart Shooter developed the SMASH Hopper Gun attached to the SMASH product in July. This gun is also known as the Light Remote Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS). The system consists of a SMASH 2000 computerized firing site and remote control supports. Which can be mounted on a tripod, on the ground or on a car.

This gun locates by locating the target

The SMASH 2000 weapons site does not require any automatic pistol mount. It automatically locates the target and locks it. After which, when the operator seated in the distance feels that the target is now more damaged by the shot, he can then shoot via the remote control.

Terrorists buy modern technology drones

According to a recent report, officials associated with the fight against terrorism in Delhi had reported that terrorist groups and the ISI were using drones to smuggle weapons on a small scale. However, in recent times they have bought the modern version of the drone. These drones are capable of carrying large amounts of weapons at a time.

Smuggling weapons from the Punjab border

That it is not easy for terrorists to infiltrate the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir due to the high mountains and heavy snowfall. In such a situation, numerous reports indicate that terrorist organizations are smuggling weapons across the border into Punjab using drones. So that their terrorist incidents continue in the Kashmir Valley. Rakesh Asthana, director general of the Border Security Force, had alluded to the challenge during the force’s founding day celebrations on Tuesday. On June 20, a drone with weapons and ammunition was killed by BSF in the Kathua sector of Jammu. The BSF said work was also underway to find technical solutions to counter drone infiltration at the western border.

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