India to give Sri Lanka big batch of Corona vaccine, China decision will fail – India to give Covid vaccine to Sri Lanka, massive setback for China

In order to thwart China’s movement in the Indian Ocean, India has pledged to help its neighbor Sri Lanka. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar arrives in Colombo for the first overseas trip of the New Year. They approved the supply of the Corona vaccine at the request of the government of Sri Lanka. India is also preparing to supply a large quantity of Corona vaccine to neighboring Bangladesh. On the flip side, China is also trying to trap Sri Lanka with more debt.

Meeting of Sri Lankan Foreign Minister
Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who arrived for a three-day visit to Sri Lanka, said the corona virus outbreak has not damaged India-Sri Lanka relations. The two countries hope for cooperation after Kovid-19. Speaking to the media jointly with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunvardhan, Jaishankar said the Kovid outbreak has given the two countries the opportunity to work more closely.

Reference to India-Sri Lanka relations
Referring to the online meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in September, Jaishankar said it did not affect our bilateral relations and that the online meeting between our prime ministers l last year was a seal on these relationships. He said that now we are excited about the cooperation after Kovid and Sri Lanka’s interest in getting the vaccine from India.

Sri Lanka asks India for help for corona vaccine
During the meeting in Colombo with Jaishankar, the Sri Lankan government formally requested India’s assistance for the Kovid vaccine. Jaishankar is here for a three-day visit from December 5 to 7, at the invitation of Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Gunawardhan. This is her first overseas trip in 2021. She is also the first foreign celebrity to visit Sri Lanka in the New Year.

Now Sri Lanka has played the card of China, this demand from India
The epidemic has not harmed bilateral relations either
Speaking to the media after the meeting with Gunvardhan, Jaishankar said the corona virus outbreak has not damaged bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka. Jaishankar said: “The reality is that there has been a high level of connectivity over the past year and it has already grown stronger.” We are now looking forward to cooperation with Sri Lanka after Kovid-19.

Sri Lanka enters China’s lap again, US Secretary of State to make big offer to celebrate
India ready to pull Sri Lanka out of economic crisis
The Minister of External Affairs also spoke of Sri Lanka’s interest in obtaining the vaccine from India. To ensure that India is a reliable and reliable partner for Sri Lanka. Jaishankar said India is in favor of strengthening relations with Sri Lanka on the basis of mutual benefit, mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual sensitivity. He pointed out that neighboring countries are currently facing post-Kovid-19 challenges. Jaishankar said it was not just a public health issue, but also a state of economic crisis.

After Sri Lanka, China’s next victim is another neighbor to India, a dragon in preparation for the occupation
Jaishankar will also meet Sri Lankan President
Jaishankar, who met President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his counterpart Gunvardhan ahead of the press conference, is also due to meet with Fisheries Minister Douglas Devanand. The Minister of External Affairs said he hoped for an early return of Indian fishermen detained in Sri Lanka.

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