India travel ban: Australia travel ban on India jail and fine Latest updates: Ban passengers coming from India to Australia will be sent to jail.

A 73-year-old Australian citizen stranded in Bangalore since March last year has taken legal action against his own government for banning flights from India and threatening to jail. In fact, the Australian government has imposed a complete ban on the arrival of Corona passengers. Those who break it are threatened with 5 years in prison and a fine of lakhs of rupees. After that, the Australian took Prime Minister Scott Morrison to court in Sydney against the Federal Government.

The case made the ban unconstitutional
Lawyers for Gary Newman, who have been stranded in Bangalore for the past year, argued in a Sydney court that the ban was unconstitutional. For the first time in history, the Australian government has banned citizens who spent 14 days in India before returning to Australia. The government threatened that these people would be prosecuted and jailed for up to five years and fined A $ 66,000.

Violation of freedom to return home
Michael Bradley and Chris Ward filed motions before Judge Stephen Burley on Wednesday afternoon. ABC News reports that the request says the Commonwealth has violated its rights and that the statement by Health Minister Greg Hunt violates the freedom to return home.

Today, passengers traveling from India to Australia are sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 50 lakhs, verdict has created a ruckus
This Australian citizen is trapped in Bangalore
Ward said Newman was in Bangalore and wanted to return home but could not do so due to Hunt’s announcement. Burley ordered that the process be expedited and that the official hearing date be set within 24 to 48 hours. Hunt issued a statement on Saturday saying the National Cabinet announced a temporary ban on his return from India and this was done in view of deteriorating Kovid-19 conditions in India.

The ban has been in effect since Monday
Australia’s move went into effect on Monday and will be reviewed on May 15. India is grappling with the second wave of the corona virus and more than three lakh cases of the corona virus have been reported daily for the past week.

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