India travel ban update: UAE deals heavy blow to indo-nepal workers lakhs, new travel ban – UAE bans citizens to travel to India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and in other countries

Abu Dhabi
The UAE has dealt a heavy blow to the lakhs of migrant workers working in the country. The United Arab Emirates on Thursday imposed a new travel ban on citizens of many countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Namibia and Zambia. The UAE government news agency gave this information. The UAE’s foreign ministry said all measures to prevent the crown will need to be adopted at the start of the travel season.

The United Arab Emirates had only banned travel from 13 countries last month. The United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority said in its notice that travel from 13 countries, including India, Pakistan and Nepal, was banned due to the Corona outbreak. Dubai said on June 19 that the ban on people who have traveled to India in the past 14 days would be relaxed.

Dubai opened its borders to foreigners in July
Under this change, entry from UAE living in India will only be allowed after being vaccinated against the corona virus. On Sunday, an authority official said people coming from India would still not be allowed to enter the UAE, but did not comment on the Dubai government’s decision. Earlier, Emirates airline from Dubai said flights to India would start from July 7.

However, he warned that there could be a change in the day of the flight. The company said it was waiting for the exact travel protocol and guidelines. Let us tell you that a large number of Indians live in UAE. Not only that, it is also a favorite destination for tourists. While Dubai opened its borders to foreigners in July, people traveling to Abu Dhabi must remain in quarantine. In April, the United Arab Emirates imposed a ban amid the growing number of corona cases in India. However, the exemption has been granted to many categories of persons in this field.

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