India UAE flight news: India UAE flight news, Etihad Airways India, Emirates India: India UAE flight canceled until August 2

The expectation of travelers preparing to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has increased further. The UAE’s state-owned airline Etihad Airways has suspended flights from India until August 2. Etihad said that date could be extended further based on instructions from UAE authorities. The airline has asked passengers to stay on its website for more information.

Etihad Airways said restrictions could increase
Etihad Airways, while responding to a passenger on their official Twitter account, wrote that we have just received confirmation that flights from India are on hold until August 2. He said that we cannot say with complete certainty that this ban will not be extended, as it depends on the authorities of the UAE. You may not see flight availability on the website due to schedule uncertainty.

Previous flights have been suspended until July 28
Etihad had issued a statement a few days ago advising that the flight was not available until July 28. It was also said in this statement that those who have come to Dubai in the last 14 days from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will not be allowed to go anywhere else in the country. They will have to follow the quarantine rules for 14 days.

Still waiting to go to UAE: Emirates flights from India and Pakistan closed until July 28
UAE exempted these people from sanctions
The statement also said that some people have been exempted from the ban, including citizens of the United Arab Emirates, golden visa holders, and diplomats who have met COVID-19 related standards. “If your flight has been canceled or affected in Due to an itinerary suspension due to COVID-19 regulations, you do not need to contact us immediately for a new reservation, ”the statement said. You keep your tickets and when flights resume, contact us or make new plans with the help of your reservation office.

UAE sanctions apply to these countries
Last month, the United Arab Emirates extended the ban on planes from 14 countries until the last week of July. These included Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam and Nepal, in addition to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Etihad Airways said in a report on Twitter that due to the Corona outbreak, the ban on flights from India has been extended.

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