India United Nations Pakistan Hindu Temple: India told the United Nations that fundamentalists smashed Hindu temple remains a silent onlooker; Government of Pakistan

India has strongly raised the issue of the destruction of a Hindu temple in Pakistan by a fundamentalist led by a cleric. India said terrorism, violent extremism, fundamentalism and intolerance are on the increase around the world. This poses a threat to terrorist activities and the destruction of religious and cultural heritage sites. India said a recent example of this was seen recently in Pakistan where a historic Hindu temple was demolished and the Imran Khan government remained a silent onlooker.

Pakistan has often tried to surround India at the United Nations with Muslims, but now India has counted it as a list of atrocities against Sikhs and Hindus. India said, “The memory of the idols of Lord Buddha shattered by fundamentalists in Afghanistan is still alive in our minds. Terrorists launched a vile attack on Sikh Gurdwara in Afghanistan in which 25 worshipers were killed. This is another example of this danger. Recently, last month, a Hindu temple in Karak, Pakistan was torched by mobs, which was done with the explicit support of the local administration. During the demolition of the temple, the administration stood there as a silent spectator.

India told the United Nations that it and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations should not favor anyone as long as selectivity remains. India said we must stand united against those forces which defraud dialogue and replace hatred and violence instead of peace. Explain that a mob led by members of a radical Islamic party in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa vandalized a Hindu temple and set it on fire.

The temple had the tomb of a Hindu religious leader. The Hindu community had obtained permission from local authorities to renovate the decades-old temple building. The crowd, led by local clerics and supporters of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party (Fazl ur Rehman group), demolished the old structure as well as new construction works. The attack on the temple was strongly condemned by human rights activists and leaders of the Hindu minority.

After that, the Supreme Court of Pakistan took a strict stand and ordered the reconstruction of the temple. India had also lodged a protest with Pakistan against the vandalism in the temple and demanded strict action against those responsible for the incident. Protests have been lodged with Pakistan through diplomatic channels. The Pakistani foreign ministry had called India’s opposition to the sabotage incident in the Hindu temple “completely unfair”.

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