India UNSC Pakistan Terrorism: Mumbai, Pulwama, Pathankot Attack … India fiercely told Pakistan to UN Security Council about terrorism – Mumbai Pulwama Pathankot attack in India circles Pakistan in Council United Nations Security Council on Terrorism

Pakistan carried out continuous terrorist attacks in Kashmir on Thursday, without naming the United Nations Security Council. India said some countries are helping them protect terrorists from international surveillance so that they can be aided in proxy warfare. India indirectly highlighted the surgical strike in Pakistan and said the right to self-defense in response to the terrorist attack applies.

K Nagaraj Naidu, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations Security Council, said countries that aid terrorists provide them with training, financial assistance, intelligence, weapons and recruitment. Naidu said India has faced decades of cross-border proxy war and terrorist attack with help from the neighboring country.

“ Right to self-defense in response to attack by non-state actors ”
Naidu said: “Whether it was the attack on Mumbai in 1993 or the attack on 11/26, the indiscriminate attack suffered by the attack on Lone Wolf or on Pathankot and Pulwama. The world has seen that India has been the victim of attack by these non-state actors. India said the right to self-defense applies in response to attack by such non-state actors. The source of the attack, whether state or non-state, is irrelevant to the right to self-defense.

Naidu said terrorist groups such as non-state actors often attack countries located remotely within another country. Meanwhile, terrorists take cover of the sovereignty of another country. In such a situation, many countries consider that the right of self-defense against these terrorist groups applies. He said states would be forced to attack first when there is a risk of attack by terrorists operating in a third country. Explain that India started a surgical strike and a Balakot attack against terrorists inside Pakistan under this right of self-defense.

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