India-US Homeland Security Dialogue: India-US Homeland Security Dialogue Now Restarting Joe Biden Narendra Modi Relations: India and US Agree to Resume Homeland Security Dialogue

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The dialogue on internal security with India will resume: America began under the mandate of Barack Obama in 2011. This negotiation was stopped by Trump, who now wants to increase Biden Washington
India and the United States have agreed to resume internal security dialogue after 8 years. During this dialogue, the two countries will discuss a number of internal issues, including cybersecurity, the rise of terrorism and extremism. The two countries will also try to find a comprehensive solution to internal security in mutual cooperation. This dialogue, which began under the mandate of former US President Barack Obama, was interrupted by Donald Trump.

US Minister of Homeland Security meets with Indian Ambassador
The United States made the announcement when Alejandro Mayorkus, the United States Minister of Homeland Security, spoke with India’s Ambassador to the United States Taranjit Singh Sandhu a day earlier. During the meeting, Alejandro expressed his willingness to further strengthen the partnership between India and his department.

The ministry issued a statement and disclosed
According to meeting details released on Tuesday, Mayorkas and Sandhu agreed to rekindle the internal security dialogue between the United States and India and discuss important issues such as cybersecurity, emerging technologies and the fight against terrorism. violent extremism. It is not common for the ministry to release details of a ministerial meeting with a foreign ambassador.

Biden wants to increase relations with India
According to the details, both leaders of the conversation emphasized positive participation, including the quad taking place in the Biden administration. Mayorkas and Sandhu also recognized the significant contribution of students and entrepreneurs who have strengthened the two countries.

This dialogue started in 2011
The dialogue began in May 2011 under the Obama administration. After that, the Minister of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, traveled to India to speak to her then Indian counterpart, P. Chidambaram. The second Indo-American Homeland Security Dialogue was held in 2013 in Washington DC.

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