India v Pakistan on Afghan envoy’s daughter: India denounces kidnapping of Afghan envoy’s daughter to Pakistan Imran Khan government furious

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Pakistani government calls kidnapping of Afghan ambassador’s daughter to Pakistan “bogus” after Islamabad
The Imran government, which discredits the “bogus” investigation into the kidnapping of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter to Pakistan, is enraged by India’s statement. India had described as “very appalling” the rejection of the kidnapping of the daughter of Afghan Ambassador Silsila. After this declaration from India, Pakistan has the spice. Pakistan has launched hymns for India to stop throwing mud at it.

The Indian spokesman also said Thursday that India generally does not comment on the affairs of the two countries, but the Pakistani interior minister has dragged India’s name into the whole affair. All I would like to say is that Pakistan’s non-acceptance of the victim impact statement shows its downfall. Pakistan turned red on this statement from India. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman said India’s statement was unnecessary and unwanted.
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“India hinders the peace process in Afghanistan”
Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahid Hafeez rejected the Indian statement and said India was not a party to the case. He said India is leading campaigns all over the world to defame Pakistan. Hafeez applauded India for stopping spreading propaganda against Pakistan. He alleged that India is hampering the Afghan peace process.

Previously, Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid claimed that the Afghan ambassador’s daughter had not been kidnapped. Sheikh Rashid even claimed that it was an “international racketeering” to defame Pakistan. It is run by the Indian intelligence agency RAW. Rasheed said the investigation so far shows that Silsila has not been kidnapped. Rasheed said: ‘There was no kidnapping. I want to tell the whole country that this is an international racketeering and an international conspiracy that is on RAW’s agenda.
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Afghan ambassador’s daughter kidnapped from Islamabad market
Rasheed claimed that Indian intelligence agency RAW had broadcast it as a kidnapping around the world. This statement by the Pakistani interior minister comes at a time when Afghanistan has decided to withdraw all its senior diplomats from Islamabad. Silsila, the daughter of the Afghan ambassador, was abducted Friday from a market in Islamabad. After torturing for about 5 hours, Silsila was thrown onto a road. Silsila suffered multiple injuries and broke her bones.

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