India-Vietnam Defense Deal 2020: India and Brahmos will be ready to surround China at home; the “ Kaal ” of the Dragon

Ha Noi
Amid the lingering tensions in Ladakh, India has started to prepare to surround China at home. In this aggressive Indian strategy, many of its neighboring countries are ready to become allies. The Vietnamese navy will conduct exercises in the South China Sea with the Indian navy on December 26 and 27. Apart from that, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines are also eager to buy India’s BrahMos missile, including Vietnam, due to the growing threat from China.

India and Vietnam unite against Chinese aggression
The Prime Minister’s summit between India and Vietnam was held on December 21 of this month. In which the two countries also agreed to mutual cooperation against China’s increasingly aggressive policies in the Indo-Pacific region. In 2016, during PM Modi’s first term, a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement was signed with Vietnam. It is said that the maritime exercise which begins tomorrow is the result of this strategy.

India sends aid to flood-stricken Vietnam
India sent more than 15 tons of relief supplies to Na Rang port in Ho Chi Minh City via its naval vessel amid severe flooding in Vietnam. The Indian navy ship INS Kilton, which will transport it, will maneuver with the Vietnamese navy on the way home. It is said that the purpose of this exercise is to increase contacts and cooperation with the Vietnamese navy.

Deal in both countries on BrahMos soon
India has yet to agree to deliver the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, although it has entered into a comprehensive strategic partnership with Vietnam. India is believed to be worried that if this missile were given to countries neighboring China, it could worsen our relationship with the dragon. When India trained Vietnamese Air Force pilots to fly the Sukhoi SU30 MKI in 2018, Chinese media also saw a strong reaction.
The BrahMos missile will be built by the Chinese military
This missile can become an Indian missile for the Chinese navy patrolling the South China Sea. It is the only missile in the world that can be fired through sea, water and air. This missile is able to penetrate its target with precision, carrying conventional and nuclear warheads up to 300 kg. Its speed is also over 2.8 Macs. For this reason, no Chinese missile defense system can stop the Indian BrahMos.
What harm to China due to Vietnam getting BrahMos
China would never want Vietnam to have the Indian BrahMos missile. The Chinese missile will then fall directly into the range of this missile. Vietnam shares a 1,300 km border with neighboring China, while Vietnam has a 1,650 km border with the South China Sea. In such a situation, the BrahMos fired by land, water and air can prove to be a useful weapon for Vietnam faced with Chinese aggression from both sides.

India’s most dangerous missile was successfully fired into the Bay of Bengal, killing its ‘enemy’ within minutes
Billions of credits in Vietnam for the purchase of weapons
India has already granted a line of credit of Rs 36,78,54,50,000 to Vietnam for the purchase of weapons. The deal would include the purchase of the BrahMos missile. India is currently offering 12 high-speed oil tankers worth $ 100 million to Vietnam under the credit program. These ships are being built for Vietnam border guards guarding the border.

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