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Chaitanya Thammaya
Apr 18, 2018 at 6:02 PM

India is all set to host the biggest Blockchain conference in South Asia in May. The World Satoshi Summit 2018 is a must attend for all you Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there! Blockchain, since its inception has become a phenomenon that everyone wants to implement in business hoping to transform it. The recently held World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos also saw industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers gather to share ideas on the impact of Blockchain technology on the world economy.

From its humble beginning as the Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain has become a hot topic of late. Blockchain’s decentralized nature is revolutionizing the present day business world. The lack of a trusted third party ensures that there’s no fear of fraud or loss while doing business. Thus businesses and societies become more scalable with more and more people coming together to do business.

The Vision

Our current society is plagued by huge financial disasters and scams. Every community, economy, organization, and country is in need of an alternative route supported by revolutionary technology which can transform the world. The World Satoshi Summit hopes for an inclusive, transparent, and decentralized future. The website for the summit says “Dream Discuss Decentralize”.

They aim to promote a vision of a world which works in a trust-free manner, without corruption and inefficiency because of human greed and errors. To make this vision a reality, this movement is initiated to bring everyone together to ideate, discuss and innovate around blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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South Asia's Biggest DLT Conference in New Delhi | May 12 & 13 2018

South Asia's Biggest DLT Conference in New Delhi | May 12 & 13 2018 But tickets now:

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World Satoshi Summit Initiatives

Parallelly, this revolutionary movement is aided through two diverse initiatives- Women Economic Empowerment and Nova-Stride.

Women Economic Empowerment

The primary objective is to impart Blockchain knowledge to underprivileged women globally readying them for jobs and opportunities in the industry.

  • The decentralized industry is still a fledgling one, but soon there will be a huge surge of jobs in the industry. Equipping these women with knowledge in blockchain programming will give them easy access to jobs in the decentralized industry.
  • Equipping them with blockchain knowledge will give them the ability to envision and execute core blockchain projects and solutions.
  • Entrepreneurial careers will be encouraged to empower them further and they will be provided with adequate funds to start their ventures.
The Biggest Blockchain Conference in South Asia: World Satoshi Summit 2018-BCFocus

The 1 year long all-inclusive Blockchain skill development program includes:

  1. Extensive learning for 10 months with regular assignments.
  2. 2 months of on-campus hiring
  3. An opportunity to pursue an entrepreneurial career in the blockchain domain in the form of products or services. WSS will provide them with the initial capital support.
  4. A post program for 3 months providing students with enough time to explore and settle in their respective careers.

Nova-Stride - Vision Transforms into Reality

WSS provides a unique opportunity for start-ups to showcase their product and receive feedback directly from the investor/user. Furthermore, they can pitch their ideas to a panel of investors (VCs, Angels, HNIs and Investment Banks) and receive funding offers. This will help them gain attention from their audience and aid in gauging interest in the early-stage real-market.

The Biggest Blockchain Conference in South Asia: World Satoshi Summit 2018-BCFocus

Global ICO Showcase

WSS 2018 provides an exclusive opportunity to upcoming ICOs to showcase their projects to a live audience of HnI, active crypto traders and potential investors.

Why should you attend WSS 2018?

Every change in the current society has been the result of several revolutions in the past. Among these, industrial revolutions have played a big part in reshaping the way humans lived and worked. 30 years ago when the Internet was born, it became a revolutionary concept which took over the world. And now Internet has become the lifeblood for humans and the business world. Similarly, we are now witnessing the emergence of another ground-breaking technology - The Blockchain.

Blockchain is on the verge of taking over the world and will start impacting daily lives everywhere. So you will have to get on the blockchain train sooner or later. This is why you should be at the World Satoshi Summit 2018.

Be a part of World Satoshi Summit 2018. Be a part of the Blockchain technological revolution.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Network with over 3500 attendees who are global stakeholders of the Blockchain and crypto community. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to meet potential clientele
  • Connect with CEOs of leading global corporates, start-ups and PSUs participating in the summit.
  • Pitch your idea or showcase your project to VCs, Angels, HNIs, IBs through the Nova-Stride initiative and receive funding offers. Get global exposure and validation for your start up by showing it to the relevant audience. It’ll aid in gauging an early-stage real-market interest.
  • Workshops by global traders to master crypto-trading skills and learning the tricks-of-the-trade.
  • Learn how Blockchain can potentially impact the government and public sector services. And gain more knowledge on how to integrate Blockchain into your business and industry to gain efficiency.
  • Learn about Live airdrop of ICOs and an opportunity to invest in startups with brilliant ideas.
  • Attend live sessions with experienced Blockchain Developers and learn to write your very first Smart Contract.
The Biggest Blockchain Conference in South Asia: World Satoshi Summit 2018-BCFocus

Key Organisers

The World Satoshi Summit 2018 is the brainchild of Harmeet Singh MongaRajesh Dhuddu and Christian Trumm. These three individuals are industry leaders and play an active role in the South-Asian Blockchain and crypto community. Rajesh Dhuddu and Harman Singh have previously collaborated for founding the Indian subcontinent's foremost Blockchain Special Interest Group under NASSCOM.

The Keynote Speakers

At the World Satoshi Summit 2018, they have some eminent personalities and influencers in the Blockchain industry. They will deliver inspirational keynotes on Blockchain Technology’s radical power and how it can reshape the world economy.

Here is a list of some the Keynote Speakers participating in WSS 2018:

Roger Ver is currently the CEO of, he started investing in the cryptocurrency very early and is now a Bitcoin billionaire. He is also the Founding member and Board advisor at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Devie Mohan, Founder of Turya, and Co-founder and CEO at Burnmark is one among the World’s top 10 Global FinTech influencers. The Indian-origin entrepreneur is a fintech marketing strategy and research professional who has worked with industry giants and startups. With years of experience in the male-dominated finance industry, she’s a role model for women.

Dilip, the Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation at Ripple, has an exemplary track record in driving business growth. An alumnus of The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, he has founded several companies including Paymate Pty Ltd, Woomera Labs.

Ted Lin as the Head of International Markets at Binance has been instrumental in the crypto exchange’s growth. Today Binance is the world’s biggest exchange by market volume. Several experts across the world consider him an expert in Product Management and Marketing.

The Founder of Cashaa and Chairman of Auxesis Group, Kumar Gaurav is counted the most eminent leaders in the Blockchain world. He is also counted among the top 100 most influential people in Blockchain technology in the world. He also serves as an Advisor on Satoshi Studios, South East Asia’s first Blockchain Incubator.  Kumar is also a sought after international speaker who has shared his Blockchain knowledge in several forums across the world.

Ajeet Khurana is the CEO of Zebpay, one among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India. The seasoned entrepreneur is also an author, mentor, TEDx speaker, and angel investor. He has also served as the CEO of IIT Bombay’s business incubator previously and taught e-commerce at the University of Texas.

Come sharpen your Blockchain knowledge at the WSS 2018 with industry leaders to guide you. It’s time to hop on the Blockchain Train! Book a spot for yourself today in South Asia’s biggest Blockchain conference. And finally, we have a surprise gift for you: Here’s an exclusive promo code to get 35% off on tickets – WSSBCF.

Image source: WSS and Shutterstock