Indian Air Force: India’s Sukhoi SU-30MKI roared in UAE skies, why did Pakistan lose sweat? – Indian air force sukhoi su-30mki in desert flag exercise VI with uae air force, effect on pakistan imran khan

The two countries are currently sharing common maneuvers in the framework of growing mutual relations between India and the United Arab Emirates. This maneuver called “Desert Flag” consists of six Sukhoi SU-30 MKI of the Indian Air Force, an IL-78 mid-air refueling plane and two C-17 Globemaster transport planes. The resonance of these Indian fighters flying in the UAE skies is heard in Pakistan, about 1,700 km away. In addition to India and the United Arab Emirates, forces from France, the United States, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Bahrain are participating in this exercise. This is the first time that the Indian Air Force has actively participated in an organized maneuver in the United Arab Emirates. It also includes Turkey’s nemesis, Greece, as an observer, which is directly related to the development of the strategic situation in the Middle East.

Indian hunters roar with many countries

The “Desert Flag” exercise, which takes place from March 3 to 27, flies Indian hunters with different countries. This maneuver is being carried out at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. This is the same air base where the first batch of Rafale aircraft rested briefly on their way from France to India. In such a situation, by operating from this strategically important air base near the Gulf of Aden, India’s strategic strength and friendship with all allied countries is also enhanced. Greece, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt have obtained observer status in this exercise. With this, the tension of Turkey and Pakistan, who want to become the Khalifa of the Muslim world, is sure to increase.

Screenplay written by Narwane Tour Laborers

In the last month of last year, Indian Army Chief MM Narwane arrived for a historic visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. It was the first visit by an Indian army chief to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. During this time, he not only met with the army chiefs of the two countries, but also had meetings with many high-level leaders here. That is why the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have decided to lead maneuvers with India. These two countries are now working to strengthen defense cooperation with India. This is the reason why Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are now ready to march side by side with India.

How is this violent shock for Pakistan

Saudi Arabia’s growing military ties with India are a blow to Pakistan. So far, Pakistan has only been able to get the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s bailout out of the greed of its military. However, last year Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations are in their worst phase due to Prince Salman’s criticism of Kashmir. Pakistani Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa, who arrived to persuade Saudi Arabia, also had to return empty-handed without meeting the prince. At the same time, the UAE demanded the withdrawal of a given amount of $ 1 billion from poor Pakistan a day earlier. This amount is deposited with the State Bank of Pakistan. The last date to return it is March 12. The UAE has requested repayment of this money because it has matured. In such a situation, if Pakistan returns this money, then there will be a huge drop in its foreign exchange reserves.

Saudi Arabia and UAE expand relations with India

So far, Pakistan is in good grip on the army of the Arab countries. The Saudi army in Yemen is led by General Rahil Sharif, former head of the Pakistani army. Today, Saudi Arabia and its close friend in the United Arab Emirates are developing their defense relations with India. India sent the INS Holocaust to two naval defense exhibitions held in Abu Dhabi from February 20 to 25. In December last year, the army chief, General Manoj Mukund Narwane, visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Not only that, when the Rafale fighter jets arrived in India from France, they received in-flight refueling support from UAE Air Force refuellers. The Indian Air Force had also recently led a maneuver with France in Jodhpur with its Rafale jets.

India will also do exercises with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and India will soon have bilateral military exercises. This will be the first maneuver between these two countries to date. This maneuver will be carried out in Saudi Arabia. For this, an Indian army team can travel to Saudi Arabia in a few months. This exercise will not only increase the strength of the Saudi army, but will also significantly change the strategic situation in the Gulf countries.

Saudi Arabia’s military relationship with Pakistan will end

Pakistan has so far provided training and weapons to the Saudi army. Not only that, Saudi Arabia also supports Pakistan in protecting Mecca and Medina, which are among the holiest sites of Islam. From now on, the entry of India will make the road to Pakistan more difficult. The Saudis know that developing relations with India is more profitable than Pakistan. Therefore, now Pakistan is going to be mesmerized again.

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