Indian American waved the tricolor at the Capitol: who hoisted the tricolor during the nuisance in front of the US parliament

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The American flag outside the Capitol has been identified as the man who hoisted the Indian tricolor. The flag was hoisted by Vinsan Palathingal, aka Vincent Xavier of Kerala, of Indian descent. During the protest, thousands of Trump supporters outside Capitol Hill were among the crowds in Washington.
The man who hoisted the tricolor Indian flag was identified during the violence of supporters of Donald Trump outside the US Parliament on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The tricolor flag was hoisted by Vincent Xavier, alias Vincent Palthingal of Indian origin. Vinson was among the crowd of thousands outside Capitol Hill during the protest and shouted slogans in support of Donald Trump.

Vinson previously posted a photo of the Habs hoisting outside Capitol Hill to Facebook, but later deleted it. Vinson claimed the 2020 presidential election was a fraud. President Trump made a similar statement, but election officials rejected his request with evidence. According to Manorama News from Kerala, Vinson is a resident of Chambakkara in Kochi.

“ Always have a lot of fun at Trump rallies ”
Vinson is said to be one of the people of Indian descent who was recommended by the Trump administration for inclusion in the Presidential Export Council. Vinson told Manorama News that he went to protest the election rigging, it had nothing to do with violence. “Always have a lot of fun at Trump rallies,” Vinson said on Facebook. However, he has now deleted it.

Let me tell you, the administration had lost its sweat dispersing the crowd of thousands of Trump supporters outside and inside Capitol Hill. During this time, 5 people also died. At the same time, a video of the incident is shared in India, in which the Indian tricolor is seen in the crowd of Trump supporters. After the arrival of this flag, there was a dispute between Varun Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor in India.

“What is the need for the Indian flag?
Bharatiya Janata Party leader Varun Gandhi also tweeted the video and wondered what the Indian flag was doing here. He wrote that it is not necessary for us to participate in this fight. A large Indian community lives in America. Attempts to woo the group in the presidential elections were made by Democrats and Republicans.

The presence of Indian-born Vice President Kamala Harris was to support the Democrats. However, a large number of Indians are also supporters of Trump and campaigned hard for them. Trump’s relationship with Indian Prime Minister Modi, in particular, has been very good. Its effect was seen as an Indian trump trend.

Vincent Xavier leaves the American parliament

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