Indian army offered Covid 19 vaccine 100,000 doses to Nepalese army: Indian army shows big heart, Lakh Corona vaccine offered to Nepalese army

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The Indian army made a sincere gift to the Nepalese army for a vaccine against the lakh Corona virus. The Nepalese army received the vaccine on Sunday and the Nepalese army at Tribhuvan airport received it favorably. Relations between India and the Nepalese army have been good and the army has honored the leader of Kathmandu
In addition to the strained relations between India and Nepal, the Indian army offered a vaccine against the lakh corona virus to the Nepalese army with a big heart. The vaccine was given to the Nepalese army on Sunday. The vaccine shipment has arrived at Tribhuvan airport in Nepal to welcome Nepalese army soldiers. The relations between the Indian army and Nepal have always been good and in the past the head of the Indian army has also been honored in Nepal.

The vaccine was donated to the Nepalese Army of India as part of the Friendship Campaign for Vaccines. Previously, India had administered one million doses of the corona virus vaccine to Nepal. This was also praised by Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who adopted a very lively tone at one point. Not only that, Nepal’s Ambassador to India Nilambar Acharya also thanked India and said the two countries should be thinking about maintaining their relationship, not about anything else.

Acharya said: “We are grateful to the Indian government for donating one million doses of the Corona virus vaccine. We are confident that we will receive more doses than we ordered. We thank the government and the people of India, they are good neighbors and friends. Acharya also said that India and Nepal have strong cultural, historical and social ties. The two countries share many values ​​and both countries come from the same civilization.

China also gave 8 lakh doses of Kovid vaccine to Nepal
The 800,000 doses donated by China arrived in Kathmandu on Monday, a day after the Nepalese army received 100,000 doses of the Kovid vaccine from its Indian counterparts as a sign of goodwill. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yankee handed over the vaccine shipment to Nepal’s Minister of Health Hridayesh Tripathi during a ceremony at Tribhuvan International Airport. The Nepalese army received 100,000 doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine on Sunday evening, developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca and produced locally by the Serum Institute of India. The vaccine provided on Sunday will only be administered to Nepalese army personnel.

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