indian army retaliation to pok: pakistan beckons – indian army created biggest disaster in POK, imran khan was targeted – pakistan admits indian army caused biggest bombing ever in neelum valley pok imran khan on target

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The nefarious act of “blackening” Deepawali by the Pakistani army was itself a massive act. The Pakistani army, which violated the ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir, had to lose 11 soldiers. POK leaders believed Indian army to be the largest in Neelam Valley and Lipa Havoc Islamabad
The nefarious act of the Pakistani army of “blackening” the festival of light of the Deepawali Indian festival itself is very heavy. In Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistani army, which was pulled by a ceasefire violation on the line of control, lost 11 soldiers and a fierce attack by the Indian army forced them to flee. As the Pakistani military is engaged in covering up India’s strong counterattack, leaders in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have admitted that the greatest devastation has been caused by the Indian military in the Sapphire Valley and Lipa from POK.

According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn report, Syed Shahid Mohyiddin Qadri, Secretary of Civil Defense and Disaster Management Affairs of the PoK, admitted that the Indian army had caused serious havoc in the Nasera sector of the Neelam Valley, from the Lipa valley and Muzaffarabad district. He said: “This is the biggest shot India has ever fired in the Neelum Valley. Also earlier this year, there was a heavy bombardment of India last year.

Imran Khan targeted by PoK leaders
Neelam Valley Deputy Commissioner Raja Mahmud Shahid said four people were killed and more than 25 were injured in the shelling. Pakistan claimed that at least 15 houses were destroyed in the attack. In contrast, the angry POK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider, terrified by India’s strong counterattack, has targeted Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan should say who is responsible for the safety of civilians along the Line of Control and how long we will have to deal with such devastation.

Salim Mandviwala, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of the Pakistani Parliament, visited the LoC and said the Indian army is not bombing but is bombing. Explain that at least 11 Pak soldiers were killed and many injured in the Indian army’s retaliation. Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted the military as saying that a Pakistani soldier was killed and four civilians were killed. 12 civilians and 5 soldiers were also injured. According to Dawn, DG ISPR said the Indian army had targeted rockets and mortars at civilians in the Rakhchikiri and Khanjar areas.

Pakistani army violated ceasefire 4,052 times
Please say that the Pakistani army violated the ceasefire 4,052 times this year, which is the highest in 17 years. The ISPR also said that on November 7 and 8, the Indian Army was confronted with those fighting for “independence” in which Indian soldiers lost their lives. ISPR says that after that, India violated the ceasefire against Pakistan and attacked artillery with heavy mortar.

India said she gave a correct answer
At the same time, the Chinar Corps of India has reported that India has targeted posts, bunkers and fuel bases in retaliation. Four Indian soldiers and four civilians lost their lives in Pak’s act, including a woman. The Chinar Corps tweeted that the Indian military became aware of suspicious activity in Kupwara, after which Pakistan violated the ceasefire without provocation. During this time, the infiltration attempt was thwarted. The Indian army responded to Pakistan’s actions and damaged the infrastructure of the Pakistani army. Meanwhile, the arsenal and launch pad of Pakistan’s terrorists were also destroyed.

Indian army has given Pakistan appropriate response

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