Indian army retaliatory pak soldiers killed: Imran Khan-General Bajwa massive bombing in Kashmir; two Pakistani soldiers killed – Pakistani soldiers killed in Indian army retaliation in Jammu Kashmir loc

Pakistan, which has often violated the ceasefire for sending terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir, was strongly influenced by this nefarious act. Two Pakistani soldiers were killed in retaliation by the Indian army. The Pakistani army, which avoided giving information about the killing of its soldiers, also had to admit that the Indian army had killed two of its soldiers.

The Pakistani army issued a statement saying that Lance Naik Tariq and Sipahi Zaruf, two Pakistani soldiers were killed during the action of the Indian army in the Khoirata sector of the line of control. The Pakistani military claimed that two Indian soldiers were also killed in retaliation. The Pakistani military has alleged that the Indian military violated the ceasefire 2,000 times this year.

The Pakistani military issued the statement at a time when it again fears a surgical strike by the Indian military. This time the fear is such that he has kept his army on high alert. This news was revealed by Media Geo News in Pakistan. According to Geo News, Pakistani officials said India was once again preparing to carry out a fake surgical strike against Pakistan to distract from internal and external pressure.

This is why Pakistan is afraid of India
In it, Pakistani media expressed fear that India is planning an attack on the Line of Control (LoC) and the India-Pakistan labor border to hide the “defeat” in Ladakh and Doklam. The Pakistani armed forces have been placed on high alert due to the possibility of an attack. India can do this to distract from its internal problems.

A team of Indian Army para commandos carried out the surgical strike at PoK after terrorists attacked the Uri military camp in Jammu and Kashmir. Many terrorists sponsored by Pakistan and its military personnel have been killed. While in response to the terrorist attack on the CRPF convoy in Pulwama, the Indian Air Force destroyed the terrorist camp with an airstrike in Balakot, Pakistan.

India wary of Pakistan’s activities
Pakistan is trying to disrupt the peace in Jammu and Kashmir by infiltrating terrorists across the border. Recently, there have been numerous reports of the presence of large numbers of terrorists on Pakistan’s launch pads. These terrorists are trying to infiltrate India under the pretext of breaking Pakistan’s ceasefire. However, due to the vigilance of the Indian army, they fail to succeed in their mission.

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