Indian Coronavirus Crisis Narendra Modi: The Lancet on the Corona Virus Pandemic in India and PM Modi Government: PM Modi Government Responsibility Corona Virus Outbreak in India

The second wave of the corona virus epidemic that arrived in India in the form of time has plunged the whole world. Scientists and researchers are trying to figure out how the situation got so bad. In an editorial in the prestigious journal “The Lancet”, responsibility for the epidemic was attributed to the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the measures to be taken to deal with it in the times to come.

Hospital full, health workers distraught
The editorial says that the situation people are going through in India is very difficult to understand. According to this, experts consider daily death and death statistics to be more than real. The report said, “Hospitals are out of place and health workers are upset and infected. On social media, people and doctors are advocating for medical oxygen, hospital beds, and other needs. Nonetheless, when the second wave began in March, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said India was the end of the epidemic.

‘Collective immunity not found’
According to the report, it emerged from the government that India had beaten the epidemic after several months of low incidence, while the second wave was constantly being warned due to new strains. The editorial states: “The model has wrongly shown that India is getting close to collective immunity. This relaxed people and the preparations were inadequate, but in January, a serological survey by the Indian Council of Medical Research found that only 21% of the population had antibodies to SARS-CoV-2.

‘Religious programs, gatherings allowed’
In that editorial, he was taunted: “It seemed the Narendra Modi government’s goal was more to eliminate criticism from Twitter and less to control the epidemic.” Millions of people gathered, allowing religious holidays and political rallies, despite warnings of a widespread event. It has also started to have an impact on the vaccination campaign in India. The government announced a vaccine for people over the age of 18 without discussing it with states, leading to the end of the supply and confusing people.

‘Action on people looking for an oxygen bed’
The report says states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra were not ready for a sudden surge in cases and also began to end up in medical oxygen, hospital space and the crematorium. Even some state governments have imposed a national security law on those seeking oxygen or hospital beds. Other states like Kerala and Odisha had preparations and they have enough medical oxygen to give to other states.

‘Speed ​​up vaccination, stop transmission’
The editorial suggests that India needs to devise two types of strategy. First, the vaccination campaign will have to move forward quickly. The supply of vaccines should be accelerated and a distribution campaign should be carried out among citizens in urban and rural areas. Second, SARS-CoV-2 transmission must be stopped. The government must provide accurate data on time. People need to say what’s going on and what needs to be done to end the epidemic. The possibility of locking must also be deleted. The sequencing of the genome must be broadened so that the variants can be understood.

More responsibility of central government
Local governments have taken a number of measures to prevent the disease, but the onus is on the central government to convince people to wear masks, to take social distances, not to organize large social events, to be put on quarantine and do some tests. “Modi’s move to eliminate criticism and discussion in the midst of a crisis is unforgivable,” the editorial read. According to an estimate from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, there could be 1 million deaths in India by August. If that happens, the Modi government itself will be responsible for the national disaster.

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