Indian Covid test report in Australia: Prime Minister of Western Australia questions credibility of Indian COVID-19 test report: Prime Minister of Western Australia questioned credibility of COVID test report- 19 from India

An Australian state questioned the credibility of India’s Kovid test report. He claims passengers returning from India after a corona test tested positive when tested in their state. Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan said on Tuesday that India’s Kovid-19 investigation of returning passengers was either flawed or not credible. He questioned the honesty of the system in India.

Passengers with negative certificates from India turn positive
McGowan said some of the problems stemmed from India’s misrepresentation. The Prime Minister’s remarks came after officials in Western Australia said four people isolated at a Perth hotel were found infected with the corona virus after returning from India. Officials in Western Australia are concerned as most returning passengers are returning from India where a second wave of the epidemic has created a serious situation.

Questions raised about the honesty of the system
McGowan told a TV station that we have an issue with travelers returning from India. Some surveys in India are either flawed or unconvincing, and this is clearly a problem here. He said the large number of people reaching Australia with a viral infection shows the system is down.

I urge you not to travel to India
McGowan said the big question is whether the investigative reports presented by people before getting on the plane are quite correct. If the investigations are flawed or there is fraud to allow people to board flights, it raises questions about the integrity of the system and why we must suffer from these problems. McGowan also urged people not to travel to India.

Australia plans to send aid to India
Meanwhile, Australian Home Secretary Karen Andrews said the situation in India is very frightening where thousands of cases of infections are happening every day and many people are dying.

Air India flight back from Australia without passengers
Australian authorities barred passengers from boarding the plane after an Air India crew member from Sydney was found infected with the corona, after which the flight arrived in Delhi with only luggage Tuesday. He said that before making the flight from Delhi to Sydney on Saturday, all of the plane’s crew in Delhi were checked by RT-PCR and all reports came back negative.

A limb was found infected with the crown
Upon arrival in Sydney on Sunday morning, Australian authorities conducted an RT-PCR check of all crew members, the report of which was released on Monday. He confirmed that one member was infected, after which Australian authorities banned passengers from boarding the plane. Australia has suspended the movement of all aircraft from India until May 15 due to the increase in Kovid-19 cases in India.

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