Indian diplomatic mission Foreigner’s entry into Beijing: the French reached the Indian embassy to avoid quarantine, the Chinese fled and caught

A strange incident was seen Thursday in China, which is battling infection with the corona virus. In an attempt to escape quarantine after visiting areas moderately affected by Kovid-19, a French citizen entered the high security diplomatic zone in China and the embassies of many other countries including India. This created a situation of panic throughout the region. Meanwhile, Chinese health officials carrying PPE kits were trying to catch him.

After receiving reports that the foreign national did not comply with the quarantine rules, he was not allowed to enter the French Embassy in Liangma Qiao. After that, he attempted to enter the embassies of Malaysia, Israel and India, under whose security Chinese military personnel are deployed. After much effort, the Chinese authorities finally caught him near the Indian embassy.

“I didn’t want to follow the instructions to stay isolated”
The roads were closed for a while so that French citizens could not escape. The entire incident was filmed by passers-by, which has been seen repeatedly on social media. Following this, the Indian Embassy immediately posted a notice on Indian community social media groups, dismissing reports that Chinese authorities had apprehended someone from the mission. The notice stated that the matter had been resolved and had been settled peacefully.

According to the notice, the foreign national who was apprehended was not infected with the corona virus, but had recently visited areas mildly affected by the infection and had not followed instructions from his living quarters to stay in isolation. Due to the increase in cases of “Delta”, a form of Kovid-19, in China, quarantine rules have been tightened in Beijing and many other cities for those visiting affected areas of the country. According to China’s National Health Commission, the number of those infected rose to 93,374 after 85 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the country on Wednesday. Currently, 1,285 people are undergoing treatment for corona virus infection in the country.

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